12 months after miraDry sweat reduction treatment.. has it had any effect on keeping Emma dry during the summer heatwave?

Emma Jackson

Emma was able to live a sweat free life thanks to miraDry!

Emma has suffered from Hyperhidrosis since she was 4 years old. Hyperhidrosis, (excessive sweating that has a dramatic effect on someone's lifestyle) is experienced by over 2% of the UK population, especially in the underarm area - and up to 1 in 5 people are bothered by the amount of sweat produced by their armpits.
In the video below Emma explains how miraDry excessive sweating treatment at MediZen, The Midlands Sweat Smart Centre, has helped reduce the sometimes embarrassing side effects of this condition.
miraDry is unique in that it is currently the only non-invasive treatment for excessive sweating that provides long-term results without regular repeated treatments. After this treatment, Emma has been able to get on with her life without having to worry about which deodorant he has to wear, what clothes to wear or feel nervous about the hot summer months.
Watch Emma's video diary about her seat treatment here - https://youtu.be/SpcOGZgAoXw
"I’m trying miraDry through sheer desperation really. I’m fed up of having this condition and want to get it sorted, hopefully once and for all.
My mum actually told me that I started sweating when I was four, which is quite a young age to discover it and have the problem. As I was growing up with the problem, well, when you’re young it doesn't really affect you, so primary school and things like that.
It’s the teenage years when I found the problem got worse – the sweating got worse. I was self- conscious and just not myself. I would be paranoid about it. It has really changed and affected what I do and what I wear. It’s always a consideration every day so, which deodorant should I try today, which top should I put on – it would have to be white or black, I can’t go for any light colours, it would always have to be really dark. If I know it’s going to be really warm I’m really conscious of it, or if there are any events like weddings or wedding receptions because people are normally in nice dresses and I try and avoid anything nice and pretty because it just gets wet!
The sweating stopped more or less immediately and it’s been absolutely amazing, it has changed my life. I’ve felt more confident, I’ve worn different clothes already - and things that make me stand out more well than white and black and brown!
I feel a happier person. I’m more confident and I’ve been on a first date and didn’t need to be concerned or be worried about it which made me more at ease. It just makes me feel absolutely wonderful. I feel like a different person. I feel like a normal person!"

UPDATE: We caught up with Emma 12 months after her miraDry treatment to see how the treatment was working for her.

"Even now I still can’t believe how much the miraDry treatment has changed my life. My underarm sweating has reduced so dramatically.
My confidence has grown knowing that I'm not restricted to wearing the same old clothes because I have to hide a problem. Now I’m able to wear newer and more attractive clothes knowing that they weren't going to be ruined by perspiration marks and the residue of antiperspirants.
I can lift up my arms with confidence, wave to people, hug friends and family safe in the knowledge that no one is going to be alarmed or repulsed at the sight of my damp underarms!
miraDry really has been a miracle for me and changed my social and personal life for the better so perhaps we should rename it 'Miracle' miraDry!"

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