3Juve: The Anti-Ageing Treatment for Natural-Looking Results…

3JUVE® is one of our wide range of treatment options here at MediZen, that we invested in so that we can address the widest variety of conditions or concerns you may have.
3JUVE combines three of the most popular, non-invasive anti-ageing technologies for the three main symptoms that ageing skin can exhibit: lines/wrinkles, discolouration and a loss of firmness.
Utilising a simple three-step treatment, of laser, IPL and radiofrequency (RF), 3JUVE provides you with optimum stimulation of your skin, resulting in high-levels of collagen renewal, which lead to an even skin tone.

What is it used to treat?

The 3JUVE device is intended for use as a three-step programme to target various anti-ageing concerns using a combination treatment or as a stand-alone treatment for several skin concerns, including:

How does it work?

3JUVE is a versatile anti-ageing system, combining three highly effective skin rejuvenation technologies with an advanced consultation process to achieve natural-looking anti-ageing results, customised to your individual needs.
3JUVE has been developed as a three-stage treatment programme to specifically target the three main signs of ageing using state-of-the-art technologies with the Resurface, Rebright and Remodel technologies.
Each individual, non-invasive technology effectively targets the main ageing concern, whilst also treating a range of other dermatological conditions.


Resurface creates tiny micro-spots in the top layers of the skin, resulting in dramatic skin renewal. This process retextures the skin for maximum smoothness, reducing the appearance of lines, tightening pores, and erasing irregularities.




Rebright treats a range of concerns; from pigmented lesions to thread veins, redness and sun spots. Discolouration and sun damage can be a key sign of ageing, erasing these signs dramatically reduces the appearance of ageing skin.




Remodel generates micro-vibrations in the skin tissue which causes heating which stimulates new collagen and elastin growth resulting in stronger, firmer skin tissue which leads to subtle skin lifting and tightening, for younger-looking skin.


• Saggy and crêpey skin

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