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We've accumulated literally hundreds of positive reviews, comments, testimonials and thank you cards from clients over the years. It's one of the really rewarding things about what we do here at MediZen as we love helping people to feel happier about the way that they look, and making them feel more confident in themselves.
We're always grateful to our clients who allow us to publicly use their stories so that people like you can read and hear about the difference that we have made to their lives. If you have a similar problem, we hope that we can make the same positive difference for you.
Jane, came to MediZen from Daventry to have ACP (Advanced Electrolysis) treatment with us. As a keen swimmer, Jane had often found that having skin tags under her arms could interfere with her concentration and comfort during long swimming sessions.
She came to us here at MediZen to remove the skin tags but was concerned about the downtime as she had a big swim competition only 3 days later. After a consultation with Zoe, our ACP specialist practitioner, Jane felt confident that the treatment was right for her and that having the treatment so close to her competition would not affect her abilities to swim.
Jane was extremely pleased with her results and after removal of the skin tags also sought treatment for a facial thread vein. We were happy to hear that shortly after visiting us for treatment, Jane reported that she had completed her 10-mile competitive swim in Lake Windermere with no discomfort whatsoever!
"I decided to have ACP treatment for thread veins on my face and also have some skin tags removed at the same time.
I had started to feel a little self-conscious about the veins and was wearing makeup all the time to cover them up. I had never really had any aesthetic treatments before so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I need not have been - from the initial reception I got upon arrival at MediZen and the treatment I received from Zoe, my mind was put at ease and I felt totally relaxed.
Zoe did my thread veins first and this wasn't an unpleasant experience. There was a slight tingling of the skin as the process took place but no pain at all afterwards. I could not believe how instant the results would be. There were slight (easily disguisable) marks in that area but after a few days, the skill had completely healed and the veins had disappeared.
I had quite a few skin tags in my underarm area and, as I do a lot of swimming, I was finding they were catching on my costume occasionally. The removal of the skin tags was a little more painful but only a smarting sensation which didn't last long. There was a little redness for a couple of days but once this had gone, there are no visible marks of the tags.
All in all, I am extremely pleased with the service and professionalism I received at MediZen and would highly recommend the clinic to my friends and colleagues."
Skin tags visible on underarm before being removed with ACP (Advanced Electrolysis) Treatment
Top image shows skin tags before treatment whilst the bottom images shows the skin tags removed from Jane's underarm using ACP Treatment


 You can also watch Jane having her Advanced Electrolysis Thread Vein Removal treatment here at MediZen in this video, as well as Jane's video testimonial, simply click on the image to be taken to the video:

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