Aesthetic Treatment Myth Busters

Myth Buster
There are lots of myths behind a lot of the treatments that we preform here at MediZen. Some of these even put clients off coming to see us, or alternatively make clients expectations unrealistic. As the ‘myth buster’, I’m here to correct frequently quoted myths about some of the most popular treatments that we do and hopefully eradicate any concerns that you have.

Laser/IPL Hair Removal:

Myth 1 - After 6 treatments all of my hair will be gone and I’ll never need to return for treatment

IPL & Laser hair removal can promise permanent reduction of 60%-80% after 6-8 treatments on black hairs. This generally leaves clients with a few small areas of fine hair that takes a long time to grow back. You can return for further sessions, however most people are very happy with this reduction as it takes far less maintenance than it did before. We recommend you return for top up treatments every 6-8 months in order to keep these hairs at bay.
The benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The benefits of Laser Hair Removal


Myth 2 - If I have laser on my face in England when it’s sunny, I don’t need to use sun protection

The sun is after all the sun - lower temperature still means that you have to be incredibly careful. Generally we try not to treat areas easily exposed to the sun in the summer, but if you do have this treatment you must not alter your skin colour or sit in the sun at all! We generally recommend laser/IPL treatment over the winter months to avoid exposure to the sun.


Myth 1 - Botox treatments are unsafe, toxic and dangerous

With nearly 20 years of use for a range of different conditions, Botox has a long and well-established safety history. There are generally no long term side effects in users of this treatment. It would take a dose of more than 100 times the average dose given for cosmetic use for cosmetic Botox treatments to be fatal.

Myth 2 - Botox leads to loss of expression

Clients who have had the treatment performed by a trained and skilled physician are still able to display the entire range of facial expressions including frowning, smiling and appearing surprised. The treatment simply relaxes the muscle at the injection point.

Myth 3 - Botox injections are very painful

Most clients compare the sensation of the injections to a mosquito bite. There is a slight pinching feeling but it only lasts for a few seconds. A very fine needle is used with a tiny amount of liquid injected and numbing cream prior to the treatment is also an option for our clients here at MediZen.


Myth 1 - All skincare is the same

I can understand why clients get confused and don’t know what to believe with the skincare market as saturated as it is and with the multitude of messages the media projects every day. However, the sorts of products you’d find in an aesthetic clinic are much more advanced to anything you are able to buy on the high street. The sort of products you buy in aesthetic clinics are of a ‘cosmeceutical’ grading. This ranks them just below pharmaceutical products, which you’d have to have a prescription for. This means they contain high amounts of ‘active ingredients’ which get absorbed into the skin and cause a benefiting reaction, that will make a visible and long term change to your skin.


Myth 1 - Electrolysis is very expensive

The price of a session of electrolysis is £20 per 15 minute session. If you continue with regular treatment, ideally every other week, then you should start to notice a difference between 8-10 treatments. When you amount the cost of electrolysis for permanent hair removal to what you’d be paying for the rest of your life with waxing or threading you are saving a lot of money in the long run as well as time and embarrassment.

Myth 2 - Electrolysis will burn and mark my skin

I’ve had clients come in who are perfect candidates for Electrolysis but they’ve been put off due to having it in the past and being burned. This unfortunately is generally down to bad practice, there should be no mark left after the session just some slight redness and occasionally some swelling. Make sure you go to a qualified and trained practitioner who does the treatment regularly and is confident in what they are doing.

Myth 3 - Electrolysis can cause more hair growth

I have quite a few clients returning after a few sessions saying that they have more hair than they used to. This is because they’ve been plucking their hairs every day for a long time, they are under the impression that they only have a few hairs that grow every day. This is impossible, it takes at least 4 weeks for a single hair to grow back after being plucked out. The truth is that once they have to stop plucking their hairs they all begin to grow at the same time and so they think more hair has started to grow.


Myth 1 – I will sweat more from other areas if I don’t sweat from my underarms

With the miraDry treatment we are destroying the sweat glands but not the nerves. When you get hot your body will still send the nerve impulses to the sweat glands to tell them to sweat, they just won’t be there to do it. When having procedures such as ETS that affect the nerves, there is a chance of compensatory sweating from other parts of the body.

Myth 2 – It will affect my body if I remove sweat glands

Only 2% of your sweat glands are located under your arms. The whole reason your body sweats is to cool itself down as sweat is designed to go onto the top of your skin and evaporate off to cool you down. When this process can’t take place under your arms. You are likely to get a lot of sweating in this area due to the constant skin to skin contact.

Myth 3 – You get rid of toxins by sweating

You don’t get rid of toxins through sweating, it is just designed to cool you down. You get rid of toxins through your lymphatic system and your kidneys.

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