Common Misconceptions in an Aesthetic Medical Clinic

Common Misconceptions in an Aesthetic Medical Clinic and a simple explanation of treatment approaches for ageing skin

I come across people from all walks of life at MediZen who all have the same goal of wanting to fight the ageing process. The media, celebrities and just a general different social outlook on Aesthetic & Medical treatments have made it much more common and acceptable to have these procedures done.
There does seem to be trends & fads in treatments that are more popular, such as when Kim Kardashian posted the photo of herself after the ‘vampire facelift’, everybody seemed to want it. Another example is celebs having their lips filled leading to clients now asking for Angelina Jolie lips, not realising what looks good on her may not look good on them! This is a problem that we find with some clients that come in and want what they’ve read about in the magazines and seen on TV, but the reality is that each client that comes in has a very different set of needs and we need to treat them accordingly with what is right for them.
Now as I said before, you can’t really generalise anybody as each case is individual, but I will explain the key components and treatment options.


Pack Shots
The baseline product that we will recommend for everybody of any age or skin type is a daily SPF! Even throughout winter and on our typical cloudy English days as the damaging UVA and UVB rays that the sun emits can penetrate through the clouds. These rays not only cause premature ageing, age spots, photodamage & redness but can also cause skin cancer so an SPF should be essential in a daily routine.


The next step is a high-quality daily skincare regime using a cosmeceutical skincare range. Now, this is the hardest thing to get clients to understand because they think if they’re having treatment then that’s all they need and a little bit of £20 boots skincare cream is going to be all they need to slow down the ageing process... this is incorrect! The old saying of, "you get what you pay for", couldn’t be more correct in the aesthetic skin care market place.
Cosmeceutical products contain ‘active ingredients’, which in everyday terms mean that they are going to actually have an effect on your skin and its daily processes. Products such as Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Growth Factors reawaken your skins abilities to turn over new skin cells and create new collagen, elastin and increase hydration. It essentially wakes your skin up as it starts to go to sleep the more you age.
This is where I come back to, "you get what you pay for". On average, for every £30 you spend on a high street brand such as Clarins, there will be £1 of active ingredients in it because the rest is spent on marketing and the celebrities they use to endorse them. With Cosmeceutical products marketing is not needed because they are only sold in Aesthetic and Medical practices, by practitioners who understand their full ability and key ingredients. This means you’re getting more active ingredients, expert advice, and when used correctly most products should last you up to 4 months.
So why is taking care of your skin at home important? Well, the way I like to explain it to clients is if you think of your skin as a gym and you go to the gym once a month for a really good workout (your monthly treatment) and then you go home and do no exercise and eat bad foods (putting high street products on your skin) then your body isn’t going to be working or looking any better!
I think this is the biggest misconception that people have, that we are magically going to make them look 10 years younger by spending an hour with us monthly, it’s just unrealistic.

Skin health treatments:

The next stage people would generally think about having would be diving straight in with the injectables, but I feel that’s the route you go down if your wrinkles and elasticity are too bad to be managed with skin health and regenerative treatments.
hydrafacial-treatment-medizen-birmingham-Hydrafacial is a treatment for any age, skin type, skin condition and skin colour. It uses a combination of deep cleansing, extraction and hydration infusing techniques to essentially clean all of the bad things out of the skin and pump lots of good stuff in. It can be coupled with lymphatic drainage for detoxing and a combination of light treatments to target anti-ageing, pigmentation and acne problems as well as giving a general rejuvenation and glow to the skin's appearance. This is a ‘monthly gym for the skin’ treatment.
Medical needling is again fantastic for helping with fine lines, lack of elasticity, acne scarring, open pores, dull/tired looking skin and again, general rejuvenation. It works by using an electronic ‘pen’ that has lots of little needles on the end going up and down very quickly to cause a controlled wound to the skin and draw a small amount of blood. With blood comes nutrients and through this wound healing process new collagen, elastin and growth factors are formed, to plump, tighten and rejuvenate. This is generally done in a course of 3-6 treated 4-6 weeks apart and then a top-up is recommended once a year.
eTwo is a skin tightening treatment, it consists of 2 heads, 1 that focuses on the jawline to help with those jowl areas, the other uses ablation (similar to medical needling) to cause tiny little opening points in the skin and once again cause that wound healing response. The thing that makes the eTwo fantastic at tightening is that it uses radiofrequency, in the ‘jowl area’. During treatment, it is passed over the skin several times to heat up the water particles within the skin and cause a tightening effect. With the ablative head energy delivered into the skin through the tiny openings to inject heat right into the dermis (the living layer of the skin) and again cause a tightening effect. Both treatments can be done individually or in combination with each other for optimum results. It also needs to be done in a course of 3 with a yearly top-up treatment.
The optimum results with all of these treatments are seen when the previous 2 stages of a daily SPF & skincare regime are being maintained. Another problem we seem to come across these treatments is trying to manage expectations. Although regenerative treatments will give a visible change to the skin they are not miracle treatments! Some clients seem to think that these treatments will give them a facelift, which is obviously impossible without going for more invasive treatments. What they will do is keep your skin looking supple, healthy, glowing and youthful.


So after we’ve created a barrier to harmful UV rays with the SPF, got the skin in a healthy working condition with skincare and done some regenerative treatments to improve skin texture and quality, this is when you’d be looking at injectable options.
IMG_9460Botox & fillers have come a long way in the last 20 years, they are not just for lines and wrinkles as most people think they are. Botox can be used to lift the eyebrows, soften jawlines & help with sweat problems as well as smoothing out deep set lines and wrinkles that regenerative treatments aren't able to fix. Fillers can be used to completely re-sculpt a face and give it back plumpness and volume, it can also be used to treat hollowing under the eyes, to fill deep-set nose to mouth lines and plump out thin lips.
All of these procedures should be carried out by a doctor or nurse and the, "you get what you pay for", the phrase comes back into play here. Do you really want to trust a beauty therapist in a salon, with no medical training, charging £80 to put a needle in your face? These procedures can make such an amazing difference when in the right hands but also have disastrous consequences when in the wrong hands. Don’t be afraid to ask practitioners what their qualifications are, you have a right to know!

The next step:

If you decide that fillers and Botox just aren’t quite right for you either due to the required continued treatment or if you believe your case is too severe, there are other options.
The new thing in anti-aging and facial rejuvenation is the ‘thread lift’. This is the best thing around at the moment for facial tightening without surgery. A hollow needle (cannula) is inserted into the face with a thread inside the cannula. It is moved into place within the fat layer and then withdrawn with the thread staying in place in the skin; the doctor would decide how many threads would be needed and where they need to be placed. The threads are then pulled up and stay in place using tiny little ‘thorns’ like a rose stem would have, but on a microscopic scale, the threads are then cut off where they need to be and the face is lifted with instant results. These threads then dissolve over 18 months but because the skin has been kept there for such a long time it should continue to stay where it is until the body gradually starts to break down the collagen and elastin again.
What we’re tending to now find is that clients don’t want the downtime that is involved with surgical procedures so there’s an ever-growing desire to perform procedures to meet this demand. Obviously, as I stated before, every person and case is totally different so different approaches would be taken for each person, but this is a general overview of the treatments we would use for ageing skin. There are of course many other options for specific problems, such as laser treatments for pigmentation and thread veins, the removal of unwanted hair with laser and electrolysis, unsightly skin tags and warts can be removed with Advanced electrolysis… I could go on. Generally, if you’ve got a concern there will be something in this ever growing industry that can help if not solve it.
I think the main thing to point out to people, however, is that looking after your skin health and therefore ageing skin, is something that needs to be continued throughout life, and the sooner the better. It is much easier to prevent skin damage than to correct it! But also try to not get totally obsessive with yourself, we’re here to help make you into the best version of yourself not to make you look like someone else!

Zoe Myers - Aesthetician

Qualifications: NVQ Level 2 beauty therapy, NVQ Level 3 beauty therapy, BTEC Level 4 in Medical Aesthetics.
Having completed my NVQ level 3 beauty therapist qualification at Rugby College, MediZen employed me as a receptionist and aesthetician in June 2013. I’ve had a keen interest in beauty therapy from an early age and I’m always enthusiastic to learn. I believe excellent customer service is a necessity within a practice and I really enjoy working with my clients to achieve the best possible results!
I am currently performing a number of treatments in the clinic and my speciality is HydraFacial - so much so that my colleagues refer to me as The Hydrafacial Princess! I have recently completed a BTEC Level 4 course to further my knowledge of the industry.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, walking my Red Setter Barnaby, going to the gym, doing Acrylic, Gel & Minx nails and baking.

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