Dr. David Leads Successful Live Injection Webinar

As senior Faculty Member of the Allergan Medical Institute (the makers of Juvéderm® Dermal Filler and Botox®), Dr David is responsible for teaching safe injection techniques to colleagues around the world.
This role has taken him around the globe, from Lebanon to Sydney, to Dallas, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin teaching injection workshops and one-to-one hands-on training to a group of experienced injectors. 
On a recent training day, David was asked to lead a webinar on the science behind Botox®and how to assess patients for suitability for treatment. 
They had a camera crew filming the whole show as he led a PP presentation on anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, then discussed the mode of action of Botox®, and tips and tricks of injection techniques for maximising successful outcomes.
Dr David marked out the injection sites and injected patients live on camera to approximately 300 delegates who watched the webinar and asked questions at the end.
Following the webinar, David was contacted by attendees with feedback on his performance which we thought we'd share:
"I thought you were amazing and a total calm professional, I know I can throw anything at you and you’ll deliver exactly the result I need."
“It’s was fricking awesome! I’ve never seen David Eccleston present and I was blown away.”
“Super knowledgeable speaker.”
“It was brilliant. It was better than the £800 course which I did.” 
“A clear overview of the subject by a very experienced Injector. No frills just plain talking Also webinar format suits me greatly as I don’t have time to travel to teaching venues as I run such a busy clinic.”
“I didn’t like using Botox® because it gave my clients a frozen look. This meeting has dramatically changed, I was doing the dosing all wrong. Thank you.”
Safe practice is a philosophy we take seriously at MediZen. In 2016 Dr David won Doctor of the Year for “displaying extraordinary dedication to raising awareness and standards in the aesthetics industry" and we are incredibly proud to have Dr David as our Clinical Director here at MediZen to continue to raise standards amongst fellow aesthetic practitioners to improve safety for clients.

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