Elure Advanced Lightening Cream for Hyperpigmentation and Overall Complexion Brightening.

Hyperpigmentation is caused due to an increase in melanin through genetics (birthmarks), age (liverspots / age spots) and environmental factors (sun damage). It visibly manifests as dark brown patches of skin, similar in appearance to large freckles. It is usually more common amongst darker skin tones such as Asian, Mediterranean or African skin and can manifest anywhere on the body or facial area.

Past solutions to Hyperpigmentation have been chemical skin peels, fraction skin laser resurfacing and IPL Skin Rejuvenation, however, there are a new breed of specialist clinical skin creams that are providing groundbreaking results in the reduction of melanin in the skin.

Elure™ Advanced Skin Lightening is a topical cream scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of Hyperpigmentation and provide a softer, luminous, smoother and brighter complexion.

As well as producing visible results in the appearance of pigmentation it is also improves overall complexion improvement in fairness as well as skin tone in just 28 days!  As a result of comprehensive clinical research measurable results were seen in 91% of trial participants with 82% demonstrating a significant decrease in Melanin.

There are currently 3 Elure products in the lightening range, which are gentle for use with all ages and skin tones.

Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion – This rebalancing skin lotion contains Melanonzyme™ to smoothen, soften and replenish skin.

Advanced Lightening Night Cream – Rich in moisture, the recovery hydration complex containing Melanonzyme™ is specifically formulated to continue to hydrate your skin throughout the night.

Foaming Facial Wash – To benefit from the full advantages of elure™, it is recommended to combine topical application with a facial was to remove dirt and dead skin which will ensure dull looking skin is transformed into radiant skin.

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