Experience a Firmer, smoother skin on the jaw and neck with The Nefertiti Lift

Nefititi Lift Botox treatment Birmingham at MediZenNefertiti was an Egyptian queen, famous for her shapely jawline and smooth neck. Sadly, not all of us are quite so lucky!
Plenty of our clients come to MediZen with the worry that their jawline is disappearing before their eyes. But whilst many people think surgery is the only solution, we use a Botox®-led technique called the Nefertiti Lift to rectify the loss of elasticity and resculpt the jawline.
Why does the Nefertiti Lift work?
Amongst other reasons, muscles used in facial expression constantly pull at the corners of the jaw, causing the skin below to gradually become loose. We counteract this by relaxing this area with a Botox injection, to create an upward ‘pull’ that promotes firmer skin and prevents jowls. It might not replace a facelift, but after just 2-3 weeks you’ll notice your jawline continue to lift and give your face the definition it deserves!
How do I arrange The Nefertiti Lift treatment?
If you’re interested in The Nefertiti Lift treatment, give us a call on 0121 308 4373 to book a consultation with Dr David Eccleston and learn about treatment prices.

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