Facial Thread Veins

Thread veins, often known as broken or spider veins, are tiny red, blue or purple lines just below the skin. It is hard to say precisely what causes thread veins, but we do know that anyone can experience them on any part of the body at any time of their life.
We have a range of treatments to deal with unsightly veins such as ACP, Laser and IPL and Microsclerotherapy.
Our latest state-of-the-art laser system, the Duetto Evo, is the world’s first ‘mixed technology’ and the is the first system of it’s kind in a clinic in the Midlands.
The Duetto laser emits light which is readily absorbed by blood vessels, heating them to a point where they are destroyed. The Duetto uses 2 different wavelengths of light sequentially as they work together to get better results whilst using less energy. This means increased treatment safety and a more comfortable experience for you.
Following treatment, the vessels quickly clear as they are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original veins.
Facial thread veins before (top) and 10 weeks after 3 sessions of IPL and 3 sessions of ACP (bottom)
Facial thread veins before (top) and 10 weeks after 3 sessions of IPL and 3 sessions of ACP (bottom)
If you’re interested in thread vein removal treatment, our practitioners can help you work out the very best option for you. Give us a call on 0121 308 4373, and we can book you in for a consultation.
Visit our thread vein removal FAQ section of our website www.medizen.co.uk

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