How young is too young?… The view of a young Aesthetician on Aesthetic treatment and teenagers.

There’s been a lot of controversy about the Kylie Jenner lip enhancement story as she was just 17 years old when she had them done.
In some ways you can’t blame her growing up in the limelight and having sisters such as Kim Kardashian, who openly spend thousands on their appearance every year. But is this something that’s going to become more normal as years go on?
Young people, including myself, feel the constant pressure to look our best and with celebrities setting ridiculously high standards, it’s easy for them to feel like Aesthetic treatment is the only way to achieve beauty.
Kylie Jenner
These 2014 statistics from the American Society of plastic surgeons show some incredible numbers for the 13-19 year old age range in the US having cosmetic treatments:
  • 63,538 had cosmetic surgery
  • 160,541 had minimally invasive procedures
  • The most popular was rhinoplasty with a total of 30,127 opting for this procedure and breast augmentation being carried out 8,040 times
  • The most popular minimally invasive procedure was laser hair removal clocking up a total of 71,650 teens
  • Botox injections were performed 19,170 on this age range and Hyaluronic acid fillers (such as you’d get in the lips and facial areas) were administered 3,210 times, up 6% from the previous year
  • The grand total coming to 224,079
This is a rather alarming amount for such a young age range, but this number will include people that may have birth defects, scars or sports injuries e.g. broken noses. However the larger amount are going to be teenagers who have actively spoken about wanting these procedures done. I’d like to point out that most well credited practitioners will put a blanket ban on treating anyone under the age of 18. We at MediZen stick to this unless there is a medical reason for treatment such as excessive underarm sweating or migraines.
We and most other Aesthetic clinics will not however treat anyone under the age of 18 for treatments such as lip fillers or Botox for muscle relaxation. There are unfortunately however clinicians and surgeons who will do these procedures on young girls and often do them wrong.
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I personally had lip filler done at the age of 20 which some people may say is too young, however I would disagree. In my personal opinion if a young person, from the age of 18+ really wants a procedure doing because it’s effecting how they feel about themselves then there is nothing wrong with that. What I do oppose to is when it’s taken too far, beautiful young ladies end up wanting every surgery and injectable treatment under the sun to try to fit into an unrealistic stereotype depicted by the media. Cosmetic treatments should be seen as something to help to improve your appearance, not to make you look like a completely different person and I think this is where young people are going wrong.
Here at MediZen we deal with cases of body dysmorphia and often turn these clients away as they simply do not need the treatment, or have unrealistic expectations of what they want to look like. There have been times when we’ve even had clients bring in photos of Angelina Jolie and ask for her exact lips which of course is not possible.
I love my job because every day I get to help people feel better and love themselves more, in the end that’s the most important thing!

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