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MediZen were interviewed by Aesthetic Medicine Magazine about our latest and innovative Laser, the Duetto Evo.

One of the main reasons we are able to offer permanent hair reduction, and address such a wide range or treatment areas, hair colours or skin colour is our use of two Lasers widely considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in hair removal, alongside electrolysis for those that laser isn’t suitable for.
As the Midlands’ premier cosmetic and laser hair removal clinic, we’re always reviewing the latest technology and advances in the areas that we specialise in, and as a result of such research, we’ve invested in this state of the art hair removal laser. The Duetto system uniquely combines the two most effective wavelengths (or colours of light) used to safely get the maximum hair reduction on all skin types. It allows our laser specialists to tune the laser to target fine hairs or thick hairs for optimal hair reduction. We have the first system of its kind available in any professional hair removal clinic in the Midlands.
A challenging area in laser hair removal has always been treating darker skins with very fine hair. Our Deutto laser uses a unique ‘mixed mode’ technology which offers an unrivalled level of flexibility by emitting the two different laser wavelengths independently, simultaneously or sequentially as well as giving safer and more effective results on tanned skins and hairs with very little melanin content. 

Here is the Q and A that MediZen did with the aesthetics focused magazine Aesthetic Medicine, in full:

Aesthetic Medicine: How long have you been working with the Duetto MT Evo?
MediZen: We’ve had the Duetto Evo at Medizen since April so have been working with it for around seven months now.
AM: Why did MediZen choose this system?
MZ: We trialed quite a few machines but found they didn’t do all we wanted them too, Dr Eccleston (Dr David Eccleston, founder of MediZen) was very clear that he only wanted to invest in a laser we were completely confident in and felt comfortable using. The main reason we chose the Duetto MT Evo was down to the duel wavelength capabilities, meaning it was safe to use on all skin types effectively, as we have many different ethnicities in the Birmingham area. Another highlight was that it is a lot quicker than our previous machines and lighter and therefore much more comfortable to use. The attachment of the cold air makes it much less painful for the client and the fact that it can treat leg veins so well is of course an added bonus!
AM: The device is billed as the “world’s first mixed technology laser”, why is this of benefit to you as a clinic?
MZ: The mixed technology has proven to give fantastic results for hair removal and vascular lesions. A large concern with many of our Asian clients is the fluffy dark downy hair on their facial area, by using the mixed modality method we get the safety of the ND:YAG combined with the power of the Alexandrite to give an incredibly effective treatment. Similarly with vessels, especially on legs, we’ve found that using the mixed modality has been much more effective and comfortable than using ND:YAG alone for darker purple vessels and also smaller red vessels which we previously struggled to treat effectively.
AM: Have you seen improved results on blonde and red hair?
MZ: We treat a lot of transgender clients, predominantly for facial hair, with a combination of the Duetto for the darker hairs and electrolysis for grey/white hairs. Although we haven’t noticed a reduction of the lighter coloured hairs with the laser, what We have observed is that when we come to do the electrolysis between the laser sessions I’m not having to use as higher settings to get the hairs out and clients find that these hairs take longer to grow through. We can’t definitely say that these two things are linked but we find it very interesting that we have seen this in multiple cases now, it may be that the heat caused in the skin by the laser has some weakening effect on the otherwise very strong white hairs.
AM: What results have you been seeing in general and are you patients happy with the results?
MZ:: Overall our clients are very happy and enjoy the speed, comfort and results from the Duetto MT Evo, our aestheticians find it easy and enjoyable to use and have so far had no complaints from clients or the aestheticians who use the system and results achievable with this great piece of kit
MediZen have experience treating any area of the body, so whether you just want a few hairs on the upper lip and chin removed, your pubic hair "tidied", or a more permanent solution than waxing or shaving your legs, (or chest and back for men), we have the solution for you. We have invested in a range of treatment solutions to deal with even the finest hairs and most hair colours and all skin colours on any part of the body. We also have experience helping transgender clients with excessive hair management.
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