Laser Hair Removal is CHEAPER Than Shaving or Waxing – The Evidence!

Can You Afford NOT to Have Laser Hair Removal?

It is pretty much a guarantee that most women (and men) at some time or another have considered laser hair removal. No more razors, waxing, or creams!
No more stubble, shaving rashes or irritation! Let’s not even mention the excruciating and sometimes rather embarrassingly intimate monthly trips to the salon for waxing. Looking at all these considerations can easily make one turn to other, more permanent solutions.
Unfortunately, most people are under the impression that a course of Laser Hair Removal is the expensive option and let their dreams of a silky soft, hair-free future slip away, turning again to the trusty (but not very pleasant) disposable razor daily shaving routine!
I am now going to try and illustrate that this ‘expensive’ label is actually a myth and that overall laser hair removal is in fact, the CHEAPER option! I have crunched the numbers for you and the truth about how much we spend on waxing and shaving, just our legs, is actually quite astounding!

How Much Does Shaving Your Legs cost?

How much does shaving cost?

So based on the above assumptions (I can only try to estimate as accurately as I can, everyone has a different routine when it comes to shaving) I have made the following cost estimates:

How much is spent on shaving over a lifetime? WOW that is a lot of money!

I haven’t even included any shaving creams/gels etc. you may use before, during and after shaving!
These estimates are based on the average price of a razor too; if you are using the premium razors (the most expensive one I found was £3.33 for a single disposable razor, yikes!) then you are looking at a lifetime cost I dare not even think about (£54,825!) In addition to the monetary cost, let’s take a look at the amount of your precious time you are spending on shaving those legs. If you shave 4-7 times a week, and you spend 15 minutes each time (that’s pretty quick) then that is 60-100 minutes a week, 52-87 HOURS a year and 106-178 DAYS in a lifetime! Outrageous! 

How Much Does Waxing Your Legs Cost?

How much does waxing cost? So again we can now work out the estimated costs: how much does waxing cost?
Some of you might well choose to wax your own legs at home, well for you I have come up with these costs (based on an average product cost for 1 full leg wax treatment from all suitable products available at a major supermarket 2013)

how much does home waxing cost?

So, compared to shaving, waxing is more expensive (when in a salon) and also less time consuming at only 30 minutes a month or maybe 60 minutes if you are waxing yourself at home – 12-24 WHOLE DAYS of your life! But let us not forget THE most important issue when waxing – THE PAIN! Another factor if you are doing it at home is that you are much less likely to take care of every single hair and also, it is a pretty messy ordeal for even the most experienced self-waxers out there!

How Much does Laser Hair removal cost?

how much does laser hair removal cost? The total cost of leg laser hair removal at MediZen is £960. I am not even going to make a graphic to illustrate what the costs are over 10, 20 or 49 years as once you have completed the 6 sessions of treatment you more than likely will never have another one again! Also with a total time commitment of only 6 hours it is without a doubt the least time-consuming leg hair removal solution (by several weeks!) Here Are the Results:When it comes down to simple economics, the results are clearly in favour of laser hair removal being the cheapest way to keep your legs hair free. It is also the quickest and least time consuming of all the three mentioned methods. How valuable is your time? More than anything, having all-year-round perfectly smooth, bikini-ready legs I would say is priceless, so at just £960 it is a complete bargain!
hair removal cost comparison
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