Let’s Talk With Dr Christian Jessen: Lips and Fillers

Dr David Eccleston, Medical Director of MediZen, is passionate about patient safety and it is our policy here at MediZen to put our customers' safety and well-being above ethics and profit. 
Save Face is a Professional Standards Authority accredited register recognised by the Government, The Department of Health and NHS England and who are dedicated to raising standards in medical aesthetics. Along with their brand ambassador, Dr Christian Jessen, Save Face and Dr David Eccleston have teamed up to raise awareness of unsafe practices and increase consumer awareness of the dangers of selecting an unsafe, unqualified non-surgical cosmetic practitioner, and therefore reduce the number of people harmed by unsafe, unethical individuals.
They meet with other accredited practitioners who are passionate about public safety and provide them with a platform to engage with the public in an unscripted, open debate/discussion - to discuss topics they feel passionate about. 
Here is the first edition of: Let’s Talk With Dr Christian Jessen: Lips and Fillers.
In this episode, Dr Christian talks lip fillers with the leading aesthetic doctor and Save Face accredited practitioner, Dr David Eccleston.
Dr Christian Jessen - One thing that's always really bemused me, I think, about filler is lips are always usually the first thing you're taught. Was that the case with all you guys? Was lips sort of the first thing?
Dr David Eccleston - Pretty much. 
Dr Christian Jessen - And I think they're one of the hardest things to get right, myself. I don't think they're the easiest and yet it's sort of filler-course, day-one training, isn't it? Why do you think that is? And should we be doing that? Is that right? Or is this way above and beyond this small little lecture series? What do you think?
Dr David Eccleston - I think there's a very valid point. When I started injecting 20 plus years ago, fillers were just that. We were filling potholes in the road. We were filling nose to mouth lines. We were filling mouth corners. Now it's about re-draping, re-sculpting, and replacing lost volume. 
Dr Christian Jessen - Now, lips themselves, I don't like using the word filler in lips. I say, imagine we're using an injectable lip liner. Imagine we are restoring hydration and we are replacing lost volume. But they're a complex area, the lips are effectively a ring of muscle. They're a sphincter muscle, a bit like the muscle that surrounds the eye. 
Dr David Eccleston -  And if you use the wrong type of filler or you inject it in the wrong area, that filler will start to clump and you'll end up with lumps in the lip, you can end up with nodules forming, you can end up with that trout-pout where the lip actually starts to stick out, most unnaturally. So, practitioner choice is very important because it takes many years to get good at this. You don't go on a one day course and suddenly become the best lip-injector. 
Dr David Eccleston - So, correct product choice, correct practitioner, and be subtle.
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