Maureen’s Skin Secrets: Oily Skin

Our head Aesthetician Maureen here at MediZen shares her skin secrets to how she keeps her skin looking radiant and glowing in the summer months. 
Hi everyone!
So as the weather has been crazy hot lately, my skin has been a little oilier than usual. I don’t mind a little oil in my skin as I prefer it over dry skin any day. But wow! Hasn't it just been mega hot?! I have opted for a little more powder foundation and less liquid foundation so my makeup stays more in place and I don’t look so shiny. 
I have always been a fan of a classic clay masque, you simply can not go wrong. I like to have a selection of go-to products in my drawer, but my favourite one I use has to be the ZO sulphur masque as I still get the odd troublesome spot every now and again too. 
It’s the perfect oil control, mattifying and spot treatment masque I use and it comes in a funky shade of blue too once on your skin. 
So after I have used my face wash, I exfoliate to remove all my dead skin cells and then smooth on a thin layer of the face masque. It dries fairly quickly and turns a light shade of bluey-grey on the skin. I tend to leave mine on for about 15 - 20 minutes then wash it off thoroughly. As it's a clay based it's important to make sure you look in the mirror as it has a habit of reappearing and looking a bit chalky if there is residue left on. 
My advice I give to my MediZen customers is: "You only need to apply what will actually sit on your skin." Don't’ worry about smothering a thick layer on as its just a waste. It’s only what is in contact with your skin that will actually have an effect. This can also be used on the neck, chest and back if you have problematic or oilier skin there too. 
I also just love how fresh and clear my skin looks afterwards. It really does clarify and make it look evener. Not to mention minimising my open pores due to having oily skin. It's also good if you have acne, breakouts or hormonal spots too as a treatment. 
All the goodness of this blue masque is in the ingredient (whatever you use on your skin it is important to know what key ingredients make it special and proven for your skin). This masque contains 10% sulphur which is proven for treating acne, reduces sebum and helps to calm irritated skin. Kaolin and benotite absorb excess oils and removes dead skin cells to help clear and clarify skin. And the balance of Glycryn keeps the skin hydrated so it doesn't over dry the skin unlike other oil control masques do. 
So what are you waiting for? If you haven't got this product and you have skin like me go get yourself a tube and make this to your go-to product. Use weekly for optimum results and also the perfect size for taking on holiday too! You can get your hands on the ZO sulphur masque by calling us on 0121 308 4373 or emailing us at :

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