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Dr David Eccleston, Clinical Director of MediZen, is often quoted in the press, he’s appeared on television, radio and is regularly asked to give interviews to local and national journalists to lend his views and expertise on non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments. Over the past few months, both MediZen and Dr David have featured in multiple publications such as:

Marie Claire (May 2015) -

Dr Eccleston is Marie Claire’s go-to medical expert when it comes to advice and information about facial fillers. From practical advice to the results you can expect and any safety concerns, Dr David runs down all the considerations you should be exploring before contacting your local approved and regulated dermal filler treatment provider.

Instyle (June 2015) -

Dr Eccleston talks about facial fillers in an article titled: ‘SKIN SOS! If you don’t know your way around the world of injectables, don’t panic, we’ve got all the answers you need.’

Mail Online (June 2015) -

Dr Eccleston, was featured in the Daily Mail discussing the surge in women trying treatment for frizz-free hair.

Mail Online (July 2015) -

Dr Eccleston is featured in a Daily Mail (Mail Online) article entitled, ‘Is Botox the secret to smooth HAIR?’

Top Sante (July 2015) -

Dr Eccleston is interviewed for the magazine in an article about sweating. The MediZen Sweat Smart Centre is your specialist treatment centre offering the complete range of professional, non-surgical treatment options available to help you make the best decision to manage or alleviate excessive sweating. We’re one of the only centres in the UK to offer miraDry; a revolutionary permanent solution to underarm sweating.

Raconteur (August 2015) -

(also published in The Times and The Sunday Times) Dr David looks at top non-surgical treatments.

Mail Online (September 2015) -

The Daily Mail reports on MiraDry in an article featuring our very own practitioner, Zoe Myers.
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About MediZen

MediZen are one of the "first of its kind" Doctor led, and so-called "medical aesthetic" clinics opened in Birmingham. Over the years we've helped literally thousands of our clients to feel more confident. We're NOT a Beauty Salon and we're NOT a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. MediZen are one of the few clinics in Birmingham and the UK who specialise in offering carefully researched non-surgical aesthetic treatments backed by medical evidence