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If you have a teenage child you will understand when I say ‘The Gram’ is everywhere.  Trying to capture the perfect Instagram pose is the focus of their entire day, it's a major part of their social life and has a huge bearing on how they feel about their appearance. So when the teenage years also brings with it an unwelcome guest in the form of Acne life can, for the teenager, become difficult and upsetting.
However…. All is not #lost
Remember firstly, Acne is normal.  It is one of those conditions that is more common than we realise, because many of us quite literally, cover it up, click a camera button,  and never speak about it. However, the facts are It affects 8 in 10 people between in the ages of 11 and 30 in the UK.
Having recently embarked on this with my own 16-year-old son I want to share some positive tips which can really help.
Firstly, come and see us here at MediZen - (We have been dealing with acne for almost 20 years and we know how to help you feel confident and get results), have a consultation with our skin experts and rest assured that you will leave with your very own action plan tailored to suit your skin concerns.
Depending on the severity of the Acne we may recommend a professional medical strength skincare which will really make a difference.  This needs a prescription but don't worry, we can help with that too. We have a variety of clinically-proven medical Acne-fighting skincare called ZO which can make a huge difference to severe Acne. We also have the fantastic Obagi Cleanziderm system which includes a Daily Care Foaming Cleanser, 
Pore Therapy and Therapeutic Lotion which work in combination to get your skin clearer and healthier, as well as a range of Vitamins by ZENii which help to accelerate the repair and recovery of healthy skin.
We also have our favourite treatment: HydraFacial. This forms a vital part of the acne treatment and suits all stages of the process (apart from active cystic breakouts). Regular HydraFacials restore the skin to a clean and healthy condition ideal for fighting acne infections, and feels great too!
It can be a long process but you can feel confident that we are with you every step of the way.
After dealing with this issue with my son, here are my top tips:
  • Remember to take a supplement to make sure you are giving your skin the best environment to heal. We have a great range of supplements from the Doctor-Led UK brand Zenii and I would recommend ‘Clear Skin’ and probiotics as a great place to start.
  • Try putting a new pillowcase on your bed every night. Acne loves bacteria so this can help in reducing the amount of bacteria on the face. 
  • When using a cleanser, wash around and inside your ears as this reduces the bacteria on your skin.
  • Invest in a lip balm, your skin and lips may get dry with treatment.
However, most of all.... Have confidence, keep taking those photographs! 
Ditch the photoshop and abandon the heavy gloopy makeup - Celebrate your skin and the process you are going through. CBeauty lies within the whole self and not just the face! #mommytryingtohelp
About the Author: Ruth
Ruth_MediZen.JPGI have been a full-time mom for the last fifteen years and have 3 boys and a girl to show for it.
As a very happy client of MediZen for a number of years I one day suggested to Dr Eccleston that if he needed any help I had some free time, one week later I was working at Medizen!!!
I am enjoying my time here and I think the clinic combines professional and friendly in a really good way. I love the variety of the job and also the fact that MediZen is at the forefront of new procedures and technologies.
In my spare time, I enjoy exercising including running and going to the gym as well as spending time with my family. I also have a gorgeous little white fluffy dog called Casper.

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