Summer is Coming… Are Your Armpits Feeling The Heat Already?

It’s nearly that time of the year again which most compulsive sweaters hate... Summer!
Ok, hate is a strong word. We actually love the warm weather, chance to sit in the park and of course, ice cream but what we don't love is the constant sweat patches on our clothes.
If you suffer from excess sweat, or are just bothered by the fact that sometimes it's hard to just sit around in your garden without feeling clammy, then Summer can be miserable.
As the temperature rises, the obsession with colourful tops and clothes is endless, and the daily commute gets hotter, so is there a solution?
This wouldn't be a great blog if all we did was complain and didn't offer up our revolutionary solution, miraDry!
Over 55,000 people worldwide have had miraDry sweat reducing treatment, and lots of them have experienced it right here at MediZen.
Imagine your average day and consider how sweat and odour impacts you. miraDry is the perfect solution if you are...
  • Inconvenienced by underarm sweat
  • Tired of underarm stains and lingering odour in clothing
  • Want to rid themselves of the toxins in deodorants
  • Tired of feeling unclean at the end of the day
  • Want to be liberated from underarm sweat forever

To find out how you can be sweat free and confident this Summer, call us on 0121 308 4373 or email


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