The Rise of Blotox!

Dr. David Eccleston is often approached by the media to give his expert commentary on new trends, products and to comment on the rise of non-cosmetic surgery in society.
This week, he featured in The Daily Mail discussing the rise of Blotox - Botox® for your hair!
Blotox is already popular in the USA and is increasingly becoming popular in the UK. It involves Botox® is injected into the scalp, which stops your sweating - helping to maintain and prolong a salon blow-dry even after a gym session and is thought to have been inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge and her perfect, glossy hair.
Dr. David Eccleston was featured in the article:
'Blotox' is also increasingly being offered in the UK, cosmetic clinics have reported. 
MediZen offers the £500 treatment that lasts 3-9 months, explains Clinical director Dr David Eccleston. 'I have been using Botox for 20 years to treat everything from facial wrinkles to underarm sweating and migraine.
'I also treat patients with Botox for facial acne and scalp and forehead sweating.
'Frizzy hair, as you are aware, is made worse when humidity is high, or when naturally frizzy or curly hair has been straightened and is exposed to moisture, allowing it to return to it's natural frizzy or curly state. 
'Moisture affects the hydrogen bonds, which control the degree of curl in an individual's hair. 
'Botox stops sweating by blocking the nerve impulses to the individual sweat glands. When used in the scalp, sweating is reduced, thus reducing the tendency of straightened hair to return to it's curly state. 
'Arguably, this could prolong the effect of a straightening treatment, unless the individual is caught in the rain!' 
You can read the full article on the Daily Mail website by clicking here.

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