The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

My name is Kiran Green I’m well known as Ki.
I started out in the beauty industry in 2002 working from a spa and then worked my way up from a beauty salon, skin clinic and then surgical clinics.
Today I’m going to advise about laser hair removal as many people that I meet are from all ethnic backgrounds and we all have the same problem: Unwanted hair.
Being an Asian lady myself, I understand how much pressure there is to have no hair especially on the face and with the dark hair we have, it can be excessive compared to other ethnic backgrounds.
We all want the best results and many of us see different advertisement’s saying they have the best laser hair removal machine.
Many people don’t understand what the difference is between the lasers. Being a practitioner myself I can help!
I’ll start from the beginning...
Structure of the hair and how does Laser Hair Removal work?
There are 3 stages of hair growth:
  • Anagen: The active part of the hair growth. This is connected to the root. Blood and water feeds the hair so that it will grow
  • Catagen: This is the transitional stage where the hair disconnects itself from the root.
  • Telagen: The hair remains dead in the follicle
When combing your hair and you pull a bit and it hurts you know it’s the Anagen stage as this is connected to the root. If other hairs fall out without hurting you know it’s between Catagen and telagen as it is not connected to the root. With laser hair removal it will only work with the Anagen stage of growth as it is connected to the root. To consider this we advise a minimum of 6 treatments. This can take more depending on how strong your blood and water supply is, genetics, medications, hormones.
The lasers main objective is blood, water and melanin. The blood and water is the root of the hair and the melanin is from the colour from the sheath of the hair (from tip to root of hair).
The darker and thicker the hair the better. It will not work on white, red or even blond hair. Some clinics or salons may sell their lasers to treat this, but this will depend on how much melanin is in the root. Most likely you will not get the results you are after.
Understanding which laser is for you!
This is the big question!
Lasers are measured in nm which means how deep it penetrates into the skin and what each lasers objective is. Now, this would take me a lot to explain to you so I’m going to make this really simple as this can get very complicated in scientific terms.
Example: If you think of a swimming pool you have your deep end and shallow end, lasers have the same similarity to how deep they penetrate the skin. Laser Type Nm Objective Suitable for Results Alexandrite (Shallow)
What is my skin Type?
We treat all Skin Types!
Even You!!!
Risks and side effects!
Home care should be followed to reduce and avoid reactions. We advise that heat treatments such as saunas, steams, Jacuzzis, hot baths and vigorous exercise on the day of treatment and two days after of treatment. No tans: no fake tan, sunbed tan or holidays tans are allowed as this can cause burns, blistering, scabbing, and hyper/ hypopigmentation and scarring from this treatment. Please check medication that you are taking as some medication can cause photosensitive skin (sensitive to light). Being a light treatment being delivered directly on the skin it can cause one of the above reactions.
A patch test is required before treatment to ensure that you do not get a reaction as above.
All skin must be covered with an SPF 50 for extra protection from UVA and UVB and any other environmental free radicals.

You can be reassured that I will take care of you. There is no need to feel embarrassed or shy. To discuss your concerns with me, call and book in on 0121 308 4373. 

About the Author: Kirandip Green - Aesthetician
I have been in the Beauty industry for the last 16 years. I started in spas and salons, then advanced in the world of aesthetics.
Within these years I had the privilege of working with plastic surgeons, hair transplant and vascular surgeons, which has given me so much more knowledge on how the body works and how surgeons work.
I love working within this industry and especially working for MediZen as I’m always learning. Keeping up to date with the latest treatments is key to bring satisfaction and results to my client’s needs and concerns. The treatments I perform are: Duetto Evo Hair Removal Duetto Vascular Lesions, 3Juve IPL/Radio Frequency/Erbium YAG Resurfacing, eTwo Skin Tightening, eTwo Skin Resurfacing, Medical Needling, Dermalux/Omnilux Light Therapy, HydraFacial, Microdermabrasion, Visia Skin Analysis, 3D Vectra Imaging.
I love music, travelling, and creating and designing (whether it’s giving advice to friends and family on how they can put clothing together to home designing)

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