Three Decades of Botox® in the UK…

Botox® has been used for medical purposes since the 1980’s but it wasn’t licensed for cosmetic use in the UK until 2002.
As a wrinkle relaxing treatment, it is one of our most popular treatments due to it’s efficacy, but did you know it can also treat migraines, squints, and provide temporary relief for excessive sweating.
Dr. David is Hello!  Magazine’s ‘Best in the Business’
Dr David Eccleston, Clinical Director of MediZen, has been quoted many times in the press and is regularly asked to give interviews to local and national journalists about his views and his expertise on cosmetic treatments.
He has also been involved in television and radio debates concerning the cosmetic industry.
Earlier this year, Hello! celebrated Botox® with a look back at its history in the UK smoothing away lines and wrinkles. They looked at how Botulinum Toxin has changed the face of beauty.
The article looks at the key things you need to know if you are looking for wrinkle relaxing treatment and names its top picks for the Aesthetic Doctors who they think are ‘The Best in the Business’, naming Dr. Eccleston as one of their top ‘A-List Aesthetic Doctors’.
Whilst there are no official statistics, it’s estimated that over 1 million people per year have Botox® treatment in the UK, hundreds of them right here at MediZen with Dr. Eccleston (Tatler’s “Man in the Midlands for Botox”) and our Aesthetic Nurse Cathy.
Cathy has over 20 years experience and was trained in advanced techniques by Dr. David Eccleston. She, therefore, works to the same high standards, uses the same products, and we can recommend her unreservedly!

To enquire about wrinkle treatment with MediZen you can talk to us by calling 0121 667 4738 or email us on


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MediZen are one of the "first of its kind" Doctor led, and so-called "medical aesthetic" clinics opened in Birmingham. Over the years we've helped literally thousands of our clients to feel more confident. We're NOT a Beauty Salon and we're NOT a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. MediZen are one of the few clinics in Birmingham and the UK who specialise in offering carefully researched non-surgical aesthetic treatments backed by medical evidence