Volite – The Dermal Filler That Restores Elasticity and Hydration to Facial Skin.

Mrs O. came to MediZen when she noticed her facial skin looked tired and aged. 
After just one Volite Dermal Filler treatment and using ZO skincare, to replenish Hyaluronic Acid to restore elasticity and hydration - her skin’s outward appearance was plumped out and she had a natural healthy glow. 
Traditional Dermal Fillers delicately smoothes your face to give it symmetry and balance as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, they can’t improve the actual health of your skin, which is where Juvederm Volite is different.
Juvederm Volite is part of the world’s number one range of Dermal Fillers, made by Allergan (the makers of Botox®) and is the world’s first ever Filler that actually improves the hydration and quality of your skin for up to 9 months, after just a single treatment.
Volite lasts longer than similar Hyaluronic acid products and is the most advanced skin hydrating agent available. 
It effectively smooths and hydrates whilst simultaneously improving the texture, tone, brightness, elasticity and health of your skin.
As the most important factor in any anti-ageing skin regime is good quality, healthy skin, this makes Volite particularly effective, as poor skin quality can greatly affect treatment results.
To find out how we can help restore your skin health and confidence using Juvederm Volite Dermal Filler call us on 0121 667 4738. Visit our website www.medizen.co.uk or email us at: info@medizen.co.uk.

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