What Can You Do to Make Ourselves Feel Better This Autumn? 

So the summer sun is slowly fading and the summer glow that goes along with that is also starting to disappear. Dark nights and dark mornings mean we are starting to feel less energetic, down and a little dull. What can we do to make ourselves feel better? 
Beauty fusion by ZENii is the ultimate all-round supplement for skin health and beauty with a combination of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme q10, biotin, green tea and multivitamins and minerals...  this just maybe our autumn/winter skin saviour! 
My skin was starting to feel dull and I was getting random breakouts so I decided to try beauty fusion. It has been designed to deliver all the micro-nutrients the skin needs to sustain and replenish itself, nourish my skin and aid it looking radiant. I thought I’d give it a try.
Beauty fusion is a drink that is to be diluted with water or juice, on the first appearance it is a bright yellow liquid with a sweet citrus smell. I have been having my beauty fusion every morning diluted with water for an early morning starter drink. With its fruity taste and tropical colour, it feels like a morning boost perfect for the upcoming autumn mornings.
Two weeks have passed and I’m still drinking my daily morning beauty fusion and my skin is starting to look and feel better. Alongside my usually at-home products, I feel that my skin Is looking more hydrated and breakouts have calmed down. I’ve even had a few compliments on how glowing my skin looks with people asking what I’ve been using! I’m feeling a lot more energetic and have a little extra spring in my step, so I’m continuing to drink my beauty fusion to prep my skin and body ready for the festive season - I’m not letting winter get in my way!

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Author: Justine Harris - Aesthetician
Qualifications: BA Degree in Beauty Salon Management
I have been working in aesthetics for the past three years and qualified with my BA Degree in Beauty Salon Management in 2012 so have many years experience within the industry. I have recently moved on from another aesthetic clinic in Great Barr, I have a real passion for aesthetics and I am dedicated to providing a high quality, professional yet friendly service. working for MediZen allows me to provide the best treatments in a state of the art clinic alongside a team of highly experienced knowledgeable professionals.
On a personal note, I enjoy fashion, makeup, hair and beauty and love keeping up to date with the latest trends and newest products.

About MediZen

MediZen are one of the "first of its kind" Doctor led, and so-called "medical aesthetic" clinics opened in Birmingham. Over the years we've helped literally thousands of our clients to feel more confident. We're NOT a Beauty Salon and we're NOT a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. MediZen are one of the few clinics in Birmingham and the UK who specialise in offering carefully researched non-surgical aesthetic treatments backed by medical evidence