Why choose Electrolysis?

Why do we offer electrolysis here at MediZen?

At MediZen we want to make sure we cater for every hair type, skin type, gender and age. We have several options for hair removal but let me tell you why electrolysis may be your answer:

  •  It’s the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal in the world

  •  It can remove any colour of hair including White, Grey and Red

  •  It’s suitable for any hair texture from fine to very coarse thick hair

  •  Safe for all ethnicities

  •  Hairs are removed on the day of the treatment

  •  You will be treated by one of our highly experienced electrologist’s who carry out this treatment on a daily basis

  •  Male and female clients are welcome

  •  Excellent hair management option for clients who suffer with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Popular hair removal areas for women:

The most popular area clients come to us with is the lip, chin and sideburns. Hair commonly starts to appear in these areas when there is a hormonal imbalance in the body which can be caused by pregnancy, PCOS or the menopause.

Believe me it is incredibly common; nearly every woman who has excessive hair growth thinks she is the only one, but we have treated hundreds of clients here at MediZen.

Another very popular treatment with women is the eyebrow area. Ladies choose to have this area treated as we all know the struggle of having to pluck/wax constantly to keep them looking in a good shape. We also treat the body, most commonly for the nipples, but also for areas that have previously been treated with laser and have a few sporadic hairs left.


Popular hair removal areas for Men:

It is commonly thought that these sorts of treatments are just for women but we have a lot of men that come in for Electrolysis. For a lot of men their eyebrow hair can grow very far up their forehead so electrolysis can help to make this look less dense, without making them look like they’ve been shaped which is generally seen as feminine.

Beard definition is often requested as many men want the perfect symmetrical beard line so we can remove the hairs from the top of the cheek to create a beard to suit them. Odd hairs on the back that may not be enough to be treated with laser can be treated very successfully. Hairs on and around the ear area can be removed effectively with Electrolysis as well.


If you’re a transgender client, you’ve almost certainly heard of electrolysis as hair removal is absolutely essential in gender transformation. Especially for the main operation, if you choose to go down that route, all hair must be removed. If your hairs are not black and therefore cannot be treated with laser or IPL, then electrolysis is the treatment option for you. Beard areas are our most commonly treated areas as they tend to be a mixture of different colours so again Electrolysis is generally the best solution.Male- Female Gender Sign [Converted]

Treatment details:

  •  Frequent treatments are recommended every 1-3 weeks to keep hairs at bay

  •  Sessions generally only last 15-30 minutes

  •  The sensation is like a hot sting but very bearable

  •  There is minimal redness after the treatment which goes down within a few hours and can be covered with camouflage make up

“I love treating my clients and seeing their confidence and our relationship grow. I understand how embarrassing it can be but I can assure you I will try my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.”

– Zoe Myers, Electrologist

For more information on Electrolysis for Hair Removal visit our Hair Removal FAQ on our website or call us today on 0121 308 4373 today to book in for your FREE Hair Removal Consultation.

Written by, Maureen Hayden & Zoe Myers


Zoe Myers - Aesthetician

Qualifications: NVQ Level 2 beauty therapy, NVQ Level 3 beauty therapy, BTEC Level 4 in Medical Aesthetics.
Having completed my NVQ level 3 beauty therapist qualification at Rugby College, MediZen employed me as a receptionist and aesthetician in June 2013. I’ve had a keen interest in beauty therapy from an early age and I’m always enthusiastic to learn. I believe excellent customer service is a necessity within a practice and I really enjoy working with my clients to achieve the best possible results!
I am currently performing a number of treatments in the clinic and my speciality is HydraFacial - so much so that my colleagues refer to me as The Hydrafacial Princess! I have recently completed a BTEC Level 4 course to further my knowledge of the industry.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, walking my Red Setter Barnaby, going to the gym, doing Acrylic, Gel & Minx nails and baking.


Maureen Hayden

MediZen Skincare Specialist

Maureen Hayden is one of our clinic aestheticians – MediZen’s laser and Skincare Specialist.  She has experience of both managing within a salon and running her own business for a number of years within the beauty/clinical field. Maureen runs her own Beauty Blog – LoveBeautySkin where she shares beauty tips, comments on the latest trends and gives a unique insight into Cosmetic Beauty as both a skincare professional and a consumer.
Follow Maureen on Twitter: @LovebeautySkin

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