ZENii Skincare and Vitamins – A Complete Range For Healthy Skin, Starting From Within!

We are proponents of skin health for life and as such we know that true skin health starts at the cellular level. Healthy skin starts from within and we have an exciting new range to inspire you to nourish your body from the inside out, for healthier skin and inner health.
ZENii is a complete range of clinically proven supplements and wellness products that aims to educate and empower healthy living and skincare.
When your body’s nutritional requirements are met, your skin can be truly healthy, radiant and glowing. The ZENii wellness and anti-aging range is gluten free, not tested on animals and will deliver the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are commonly lacking in our modern lifestyle.
All living things need nutrients. Vitamins and minerals form part of the cells vital nutrients and allow cells to function. However, nutrients are used by our vital organs first and get to our skin last. Additional supplements, as well as boosting your inner health, will enhance your skin’s healthy, glowing appearance.
60% of the UK is Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is essential for well-being and 90% of our Vitamin D is delivered by sunshine. However, during the winter months, most Brits are Vitamin D deficient. Our bodies can’t store Vitamin D for long and people with darker skin need up to 10 times as much sun exposure than lighter skinned people. In fact, the UK’s general Vitamin D levels are so low that Public Health England has advised that everyone should consider taking a Vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter months.
With ZENii you get the most efficient form of Vitamin D, D3, which is up to 300% more absorbed, and therefore more efficient, at boosting your Vitamin D intake than it’s D2 counterpart. It is highly effective at maintaining levels of Vitamin D in our body over the winter months.
ZENii works in synergy with our treatments and will help to optimise your skin treatment results on the outside and within.
The ZENii range includes:
  • Hydrate - Hyaluronic acid supplements
  • ProCollagen - High strength marine collagen
  • Sunshine Bottled - Premium Vitamin D3
  • Omegas - The good fats
  • Energise - Powerhouse Vitamin B complexes
  • Optimise - Vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Digestive Health - prebiotic, probiotics and enzymes
  • Probiotics - Replaces healthy bacteria
  • Boost - Hair, skin and nail supplement
  • Rebalance - Herbal and vitamin complex to help balance hormones
  • DNA support - the ultimate anti-ageing supplement.

For more information on how you can get skin health from within, please call us on 0121 667 4738. 

Alternatively, you can email us at info@medizen.co.uk.


About MediZen

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