CoolSculpting Fat Freezing Reviews

CoolSculpting® is a Cryolipolysis® (fat burning) treatment and is the world’s #1, FDA cleared, non-surgical, fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all reduction efforts through diet and exercise.

Results from CoolSculpting® are proven and lasting and to date over six million CoolSculpting® treatments have been performed worldwide.No needles, no surgery, no downtime!

MediZen - The only clinic in the West Midlands with DualSculpting™ so you can treat multiple areas at one time - twice the fat in half the time!

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I've always been self-conscious about my double chin from a young age, even when I was at my slimmest. I was so excited to hear about CoolSculpting. I haven't been disappointed - It's AMAZING! I've achieved results with relatively no pain and no down time. I noticed the difference after just a couple of weeks then, after 3 months when I looked at the before and after photos, I almost cried, I was overjoyed with the results! Lisa, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
I am an avid gym goer, like to think I eat a relatively healthy diet, although I do enjoy the odd tipple! I am generally slim except for my stomach area. After having 2 children and having reached middle aged I'd lost all hope of ever losing it! Coolsculpting has given me a new lease of life, I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and the clothes I wear. Nicky, Sutton Coldfield
I have always had a pad of fat under my chin. In fact, all of the women in my family had this and no amount of exercise or weight loss would get rid of it. I had one CoolSculpting session and the difference is amazing. I feel younger and people have commented that I look younger. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Coolsculpting to anyone. Michelle, Birmingham
From the time I entered MediZen I instantly felt at ease. The staff were friendly, polite and above all very professional. Wendy my Aesthetician explained the full process for me and was able to answer all of my questions. I managed to get booked in for my treatment 2 weeks later and was a bit nervous but Wendy reassured me. The treatment area was my inner thighs as I have suffered with discomfort from leg chafing for many years now and feel incredibly self-conscious and uncomfortable with it. The actual procedure was very comfortable, just a sucking sensation and then it went numb. Wendy was brilliant at placing cushions around the area so I felt comfortable at all times. Before I knew it I was done and able to get on with the rest of my day! The following day I had a mild achy feeling in the area but nothing too bad at all! I am now 3 weeks post treatment and I can already see and feel a difference. I'm starting to see a gap forming between my thighs and feel so much more comfortable, my confidence is already returning and I'm not even at the final 3-month post treatment result yet! Thank you MediZen, and especially Wendy, for making what could have been a very embarrassing, uncomfortable experience, a very pleasant one! Zoe, West Midlands
I gave birth. I had a little pouch on my stomach that wouldn't go away. We have hormones. Things happen. Things move. Even if you eat clean and are active, there’s an option that doesn’t require being cut open or going to the hospital. The idea that you can freeze fat cells and they can disintegrate and then slowly leave the body is an incredible thing no matter your age. My dermatologist put the nozzle on my stomach, which was very cold at first before it went numb. For the next 35 minutes, I sat on my phone. Then, when it was all done I got dressed and went back to work—that was it. To me, this treatment is like a miracle worker—it’s incredible. It’s safe and fast and I wanted to spread the word. And, I love the message behind it. It’s about empowerment and doing something for yourself. It’s not a whole reshaping of your body and making you something that you’re not. It’s about being a better version of yourself. Debra Messing, Hollywood Celebrity and Star of Will & Grace

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