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We know that lots of mums struggle with that stubborn 'Mum Tum' after having children. Its difficult to shift that small area of fat no matter what you do and often the skin on the stomach can be loose making it harder to get back some of that pre-baby body we all wish we had. In order to help our MediZen Mums we've put together the perfect 'Mum Tum' package to help you combat this concern.

'Mum Tum' Package

Our brand new 'Mum Tum' package is ideal for kick-starting a weight-loss journey, reducing stubborn fat in the stomach area and tightening the skin around the abdomen.

Package includes -

  • One 21 day course of Dimagra
  • 2 treatments of our truSculpt iD
  • 4 treatments of our Secret RF

Dimagra is a 21-Day ketogenic diet plan which can help you lose 10% of your body weight in just 3 weeks. This happens by putting the body into ketosis forcing it to break down fat into energy. The plan consists of a high protein low-calorie diet and a mixture of protein shakes and supplements of vitamins and minerals to increase fat loss, improve skin tone and reduce visceral fat.

truSculpt iD is a revolutionary, non-invasive radiofrequency body sculpting treatment used to help reduce fat that is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas such as around your abdomen. This treatment selectively targets fat and therapeutically heats it until the fat cells are eliminated. An average of 24% reduction in fat can be achieved in just one treatment but results are best after two treatments 12 weeks apart.

Secret RF combines radio frequency and micro-needling which brings together two of the most effective anti-ageing treatments to help with skin texture, stretch marks and skin tightening. Secret RF will be used on the stomach area to help smooth the skin textures, reduce the appearance of any wrinkles, scars or stretch marks as well as tightening the loose skin. We are the first clinic in Birmingham to have access to this treatment!


'Mum Tum' Package Cost Saving
2 iD, 4 Secret RF, course of Dimagra £2500 £700
2 iD, 4 Secret RF £2300


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