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Elevate your face with muscle stimulation

faceStim is a muscle stimulating treatment which has the ability to lift and volumize the cheeks, providing a youthful appearance, reducing the amount of filler required for volumisation and facial contouring, leading to more natural-looking outcomes. An immediate result can be seen after one 30-minute treatment however a full course of 6 treatments is required for long term results. We recommend 1 treatment a week for 6 weeks followed by quarterly maintenance.

Why don’t you try incorporating it with your monthly HydraFacial in our revolutionary HydraStim. We are the only clinic in the UK offering this combination of treatment.

Immediate results from

just one relaxing treatment.

What does faceStim do?

Your practitioner will ask you if there is anything specific you’d like faceStim to achieve, treatment will always be customised to each individual, all patients should see an immediate result of firming, tightening and lifting.

faceStim can:

  • Add volume
  • Lift and plump the skin
  • Tighten the skin
  • Create a brow lift
  • Reduce the appearance of jowls
  • Improve nasolabial lines
  • Even out any asymmetry
  • Create a more defined jawline
  • Lift the lips
  • Improve crows feet
  • Improve tear troughs
  • Reduce the common signs of ageing on the neck
  • Plus much more!

How faceStim works

faceStim combines bipolar radiofrequency and muscle contractions to achieve remarkable results. This unique combination enables us to lift and rejuvenate the facial features, aiming to restore and enhance natural beauty while harmonizing facial volumes and improving skin texture and appearance. We can also precisely target specific muscle groups to correct of facial asymmetries such as uneven smiles or different brow heights.

faceStim uses a technology called Diatermocontraction which has been used for years to help build muscle for therapeutic indications. The technology stimulates muscle contractions while providing a gentle heating effect with radiofrequency. The radiofrequency energy generates heat within the tissue and as a result, fibroblasts respond by producing new collagen, leading to tissue remodelling and a reduction in lax connective tissue.

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faceStim is suitable for everyone unless you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Not at all! The treatment begins with radiofrequency to warm the muscles which feels like a relaxing hot stone massage. The muscle stimulation is not painful, it will just be a sensation you probably haven’t felt before but you quickly get used to. 

The device stimulates specific facial muscles to contract, helping to lift and tighten the skin as well as adding volume. 

Yes, the technology and science behind it is the same. They both stimulate facial muscles however faceStim has a handpiece that allows us to target each individual muscle to create bespoke treatments, and results, for our patients.

You will see an immediate result after just one treatment! This result will last for around 5 days, meaning this treatment is perfect if you have an event such as a wedding or birthday coming up. We recommend 1 treatment a week for 6 weeks, results will then last for around 8 months. We would then suggest regular maintenance treatments every 3-4 months to ensure long-term results. 

None at all! You can return to normal everyday activities straight after treatment.


From £225

View the faceStim courses we have available here. 

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As one of the UK’s leading medical aesthetic clinical trial and training centres, and one of only a handful of cosmetic clinics registered with the Government’s Care Quality Commission, you can be confident that our focus is your needs and that quality, training, safety and pain management are paramount in everything that we offer.

We have been using injectables here at MediZen for over 20 years. MediZen’s clinical director, Dr David Eccleston, was one of the first doctors in the UK to offer injectables and is therefore extremely experienced in the use of all injectable treatments, leading to him being named by Tatler as the ‘Man in the Midlands for Injectables’.

All of our injectors have been trained personally by Dr Eccleston, so no matter who you see, you can rest assured they have the skills and knowledge required to give you subtle, natural-looking results in the safest of environments.

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