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What is Laser Thread Vein Removal?

As we age, the possibility of thread veins appearing on the nose, body and legs can become all the more likely, especially in women. MediZen have had years of experience treating these blemishes, and using the best technology and treatments to give you smoother, clearer, vein-free skin.

Laser Thread Vein removal is particularly ideal for removing thread veins and general redness on the face. The nose, cheeks and forehead areas are common places for these to appear.

Advanced Electrolysis is one of the other ways we treat facial thread veins which may be more suitable for your needs, this will be discussed with you during your free consultation.  

Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are both used to give you a clearer, thread vein-free complexion. They are very quick, simple treatments that each work on the same principle of delivering light energy into the skin, very specifically targeting the pigment colour of the thread vein to destroy the vein with heat and give a gradual reduction in its appearance. Read what our clients have to say about their skin rejuvenation treatment at MediZen by reading our Laser Thread Vein Removal Reviews.

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Your Laser Thread Vein Removal Experience

Before Laser Thread Vein Removal

Before you book a Laser Thread Vein Removal treatment appointment, we invite you to visit our medically led clinic in Sutton Coldfield, with easy transport links to surrounding areas such as Walsall, Lichfield, Tamworth and Birmingham. During your consultation, our skin health professionals we will assess your skin using our professional 2D and 3D Visia Canfield Analysis system, which evaluates your skin to help us decide whether Laser Thread Vein Removal is the most effective treatment approach to give you the best results. Our expert will discuss with you what kind of results you would like to achieve and will explain the whole treatment to ensure that you understand everything that's involved.

During Laser Thread Vein Removal

During Laser Thread Vein Removal Treatment you will be taken to our purpose built treatment rooms. The treatment is a straightforward procedure, and the practitioner will use a small hand piece to touch your skin with instant flashes of light. The treatment is only a little uncomfortable, and you might feel a tingling or stinging sensation during treatment. We apply cooling gels and cold air to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Depending on the extent of the area being treated, each session can take from just a few minutes to half an hour.

After Laser Thread Vein Removal

After Laser Thread Vein Removal the skin may become pink and feel a little sore. This reaction usually disappears within a day or so.

A great advantage of Laser Thread Vein Treatment is that you can usually return to work or continue your daily routine immediately after treatment. Whilst you might notice some results immediately, we usually recommend a course of two to six treatments every two to three weeks, depending on the area being treated.

See Before and After Laser Thread Vein Removal photos of real MediZen clients.

Laser Thread Vein Removal Side Effects

It’s unlikely that you’ll experience any side effects with Laser Thread Vein Removal, aside from the usual pink colour and slight soreness that we normally find with the treatment. Occasionally, if the skin pigment absorbs too much light energy, mild blistering can occur that will slowly recover. Our practitioners have undergone special qualifications so that you can be confident that they understand how to use lasers safely and effectively (you'd think that every clinic offering these treatments could promise the same - but, unfortunately, lack of effective regulation means that many providers undergo no training at all!).

Is it Suitable for me?

Before your Laser Thread Vein Removal treatment, you will be invited to our clinic, based in Sutton Coldfield, to have your free consultation with one of our qualified practitioners, during which we will analyse your skin and discuss how we can give you the best results.

Depending on the area being treated, Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or Advanced Electrolysis are alternative solutions we may recommend.

Find out why you should choose MediZen for your Laser Thread Vein Removal treatment - watch Laser Thread Vein Removal Videos.

Interested in Laser Thread Vein Removal? Have more questions?

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