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Profhilo Treatment in Birmingham

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Every 3 months
Duration of results
3 months
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from £350
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Same day
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Profhilo Body

Treatment: 3 treatments on the chest
Result: 4 months

Before and After
Profhilo Body

Treatment: Combination treatment for the knees – 2 x Profhilo + 2 x Secret RF
Result: 12 weeks

anti wrinkle treatment

The popular treatment to turn back time with your skin

Profhilo has been hailed as a revolutionary product for restoring skin lacking in lustre, volume and glow. Profhilo is an injectable skin treatment that produces a refreshed, plump yet natural look – perfect if you would like to rewind the clock or get your skin glowing. Named at the 2022 Aesthetic Awards as ‘Injectable Product of the Year’.

Instantly spreads under the surface of the skin

to offer fast, deep hydration

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a popular treatment made from hyaluronic acid in order to treat skin laxity and improve skin quality, leaving the skin brighter, smoother and firm.

While Profhilo uses hyaluronic acid, which is injected into the skin similar to dermal filler, Profhilo is not a dermal filler. Unlike hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Profhilo has a runnier consistency meaning that as it is injected into the skin, it spreads within a 2cm radius. It then spreads under the skin’s surface where it immediately hydrates deep within the skin.

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The treatment can be done on the face, neck, décolletage, hands and inner arms.

As a stabilised product Profhilo lasts in the skin around 28 days. During this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of Hyaluronic Acid.

Profhilo® acts as a hydrator rather than a filler. It is injected just under the surface of the skin, where it disperses quickly and reacts with your own tissues to instantly boost hydration. On the face, only 5 injection points are necessary on each side of the face to give maximum results. Over the following 4 weeks, phase 2 will boost collagen and elastin production within the dermis. This helps to give the skin a youthful, plump, smooth and firm appearance.

Profhilo® can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other dermal fillers, laser treatments or Anti-Wrinkle Injections as part of a holistic approach to skin remodelling and revitalisation.

As Profhilo is injected just under the skin using very fine needles in pre-determined points, it is relatively painless; you may feel a short sting or scratch, but this is short-lived. Patients can opt for topical pain relief or anaesthetic before a Profhilo® treatment, but it is usually not needed.

The procedure is very quick, taking only about 10 minutes.

Initially you will need a ‘loading dose’ of Profhilo. The amount of treatments this involves will depend on your skin, but it is usually 2 or 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. Once you have had the ‘loading dose’ you will need to top up your Profhilo every 3 months for optimum results.


From £100 per month

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As one of the UK’s leading medical aesthetic clinical trial and training centres, and one of only a handful of cosmetic clinics registered with the Government’s Care Quality Commission, you can be confident that our focus is your needs and that quality, training, safety and pain management are paramount in everything that we offer.

We have been using injectables here at MediZen for over 20 years. MediZen’s clinical director, Dr David Eccleston, was one of the first doctors in the UK to offer injectables and is therefore extremely experienced in the use of all injectable treatments, leading to him being named by Tatler as the ‘Man in the Midlands for Injectables’.

All of our injectors have been trained personally by Dr Eccleston, so no matter who you see, you can rest assured they have the skills and knowledge required to give you subtle, natural-looking results in the safest of environments.

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