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Stretch marks are one of the most difficult skin concerns to treat, this is true whether they have recently appeared or have been prominent for a long time. The world-leading devices we have at MediZen are some of the only treatments available for effective stretch mark reduction. Our team of experienced experts are able to tailor treatment plans to you, ensuring you get your desired result.

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Stretch marks look like lines or streaks across the skin, they are often described as a type of scar that occurs when the skin stretches or shrinks quickly. This can most commonly be attributed to pregnancy, weight loss or gain and puberty. Stretch marks can appear on many areas of the body but mostly on the abdomen, hips, breasts, arms and legs. 

Although stretch marks are not painful or harmful, some people do not like the way they look and search for ways to remove them. Stretch marks can often naturally fade over time but may not disappear completely, even with treatment. 

Stretch Marks


If your confidence is affected by your stretch marks we can help you begin the journey to feeling your most confident self again. Our recommended treatment for stretch marks is the Secret PRO. 


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You’ve found us! MediZen is the premier aesthetics clinic in the Midlands. A medically-led clinic located in Sutton Coldfield, we’re easily accessible to those based in Birmingham, the Midlands, and further afield.

For many other skin concerns, there are a range of treatment options available,  however for stretch marks we know that CO2 laser is the best and most effective treatment for a significant reduction. We always recommend you book a consultation with a practitioner to discuss the treatment and to ensure any necessary patch tests are completed. 

Stretch marks can vary in colour and often start darker and fade over time. They can be purple, red, pink, black or brown. We can provide treatment for stretch marks of any colour or age.

Definitely not, stretch marks are not painful or harmful to you. Some people dislike the appearance of stretch marks and can be self conscious about them which contributes to the desire to remove them.

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Why MediZen

Founded in 1999 and based in Birmingham, we are the Midlands Premier Aesthetic Clinic. The team at MediZen has been carefully selected for their skills, knowledge, experience and professionalism, to ensure they represent the very best in the industry. Our practitioners have been intensively trained in all of the treatments and products we offer, as well as regularly attending updated training days, so you can be sure you are always receiving the most up to date advice and protocols. We pride ourselves on our service, ensuring you always receive a warm welcome, as well as the most effective, safe, and medically proven aesthetic treatments on the market today.

In your consultation, your practitioner will always thoroughly discuss your desired treatment, talk through what you would like to achieve and address any concerns. They will always recommend the treatments they feel are most suitable for you and will explain the entire process to you including what happens, what results to expect and how long they will last. They are always happy to answer as many questions as you have before commencing treatment and will follow up with you post treatment.

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