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Knowing which treatment will give you your desired results when looking for ways to reduce the appearance of jowls can be difficult. It can be a minefield looking at all the different treatment options but at MediZen, we have the experience and expertise to advise you on the best treatment to achieve your desired look. 

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As we age, we lose elastin and collagen in lots of areas of our skin, a common concern related to ageing skin is jowls. The term ‘jowls’ is used to describe the skin below your chin and jawline. Often when we age and lose the elastin in our skin, areas such as jowls lose the firmness and tightness and begin to sag.

Jowls can make us appear older than we are and can become an area of concern for many people. As with most ageing skin, people can find the lines and wrinkles on their face begin to affect their confidence. When people feel this way they begin the search for treatments that can help make them feel more confident in their skin. We have a range of treatments that can reduce the appearance of jowls, helping to reveal a younger-looking version of you.



If you find yourself looking in the mirror and not loving the lines you see, we can help enhance your natural beauty and begin the journey to feeling your most confident self again. Here are our most recommended treatments.

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You’ve found us! MediZen is the premier aesthetics clinic in the Midlands. A medically-led clinic located in Sutton Coldfield, we’re easily accessible to those based in Birmingham, the Midlands, and further afield.

There is no one size fits all with aesthetic treatments, especially when it comes to jowls as everyone has different skin. It all depends on what you want to achieve. Our practitioners bespoke treatment to each individual to ensure you get the best possible result. Our website gives you an idea of our range of treatments, but the best way to find the right treatment for you is to book a consultation with a practitioner.

Jowls are a natural part of ageing skin, as much as many of us wish they weren’t! As the skin in your cheeks and around your jaw begin to lose elastin and collagen, the surrounding area around your mouth can start to sag, causing jowls. Lifestyle factors can also play a part in jowls appearing earlier than they naturally would, or making them more prominent. Weight loss, sun exposure and smoking can contribute to developing jowls. 

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Founded in 1999 and based in Birmingham, we are the Midlands Premier Aesthetic Clinic. The team at MediZen has been carefully selected for their skills, knowledge, experience and professionalism, to ensure they represent the very best in the industry. Our practitioners have been intensively trained in all of the treatments and products we offer, as well as regularly attending updated training days, so you can be sure you are always receiving the most up to date advice and protocols. We pride ourselves on our service, ensuring you always receive a warm welcome, as well as the most effective, safe, and medically proven aesthetic treatments on the market today.

In your consultation, your practitioner will always thoroughly discuss your desired treatment, talk through what you would like to achieve and address any concerns. They will always recommend the treatments they feel are most suitable for you and will explain the entire process to you including what happens, what results to expect and how long they will last. They are always happy to answer as many questions as you have before commencing treatment and will follow up with you post treatment.

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