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Thread Lift Treatment in Birmingham

Best results
1 Treatment
Duration of results
1-2 years depending on area treated
from £250
Back to Work
24-48 hours
Recovery time
2-4 weeks

A refreshed, natural appearance

As we age we lose fat pads in the cheeks, the skin in the mid-face can then start to descend. With a thread lift, you can reverse this! A thread treatment is a non-surgical way for a doctor to lift the skin and jowls by up to a centimetre which will reduce the folds and lines that drag the face down.The results are immediate and noticeable – your skin will look lifted – but very natural. What’s even better is that results continue to improve over the coming months! This is because the threads stimulate the body to produce its own collagen, helping increase the volume of saggy areas, restoring shapeliness to the face gradually to give a fresh and natural appearance.

The treatment that leaves your face and skin

refreshed, renewed and revitalised.

Stimulate collagen production

The treatment uses unique re-absorbable surgical threads made of polylactic acid, which are dotted with a series of bi-directional cones to instantly lift the innermost layer of the skin, and in time stimulate the body’s own collagen production. The minimally-invasive treatment is carried out using only local anaesthetic, allowing the threads to be inserted painlessly just under the skin, and takes less than an hour to carry out.

What areas can be treated?

  • Sagging Forehead and Droopy Eyebrows
  • Sagging Eyelid or Cat Eye Look
  • Rejuvenating and Lifting Mid-face
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Low or Blunt Nasal Tip
  • Softening The Nasolabial Folds
  • Sagging Jowls
  • Minimising Double Chin or Neck
  • Sagging and Wrinkled Neck

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“Dr Lally explained the procedure fully and explained throughout what he was doing. He was calm and reassuring and answered all my questions. The whole procedure was completed efficiently and as someone who was quite nervous was reassured by how pain free it was! The outcome was so much better than I expected and I could not be happier with the results. Dr Lally is amazing!”



We’re here to help

Before treatment, local anaesthesia will be applied to reduce any discomfort. Your practitioner will then mark out where the threads need to be positioned to give you the best results and disinfect the entire face before the procedure.

The practitioner will then insert the threads and once in the correct position, gently tighten them to lift the skin to where it needs to be.

The length of time the treatment takes will depend on the number of sutures needed for the desired effect. However, typical treatments take approximately 45-60 minutes.

At MediZen, the team are trained in pain management to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. We also apply local anaesthetic cream to the area beforehand to minimise any discomfort.

The aftercare advice is as follows:

  • Apply a cold compress immediately after the procedure if needed
  • If your practitioner suggests any pain relief, follow their recommendation
  • Avoid wearing make up for 24 hours
  • Sleep face up and with at least 2 pillows for 3-5 nights
  • Be gently when washing, shaving and drying your face for the next 5 days
  • Avoid sunlight and sunbeds for 2 weeks
  • Avoid lower impact sport for 1 week and high impact sports for 2 weeks
  • Try to limit excessive facial movement for 2 weeks
  • Avoid saunas and steam rooms for 3 weeks
  • Postpone any detailed surgery until 3 weeks after treatment
  • No facial treatments for 4 weeks

The recovery time for Thread Lifts vary depending on the individual, but typically after a few days you will be ready to go back to work and your daily routine. We recommend you follow the aftercare instructions to ensure you get the best results and minimise downtime.

Thread Lift

From £250 per thread

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As one of the UK’s leading medical aesthetic clinical trial and training centres, and one of only a handful of cosmetic clinics registered with the Government’s Care Quality Commission, you can be confident that our focus is your needs and that quality, training, safety and pain management are paramount in everything that we offer.

Dr Lally performs all of our thread lift treatments here at MediZen, he is a highly experienced aesthetic doctor who trains industry colleagues all over the world. Dr Lally prides himself on his thorough approach focusing on attention to detail and clear communication. Each patient gets a bespoke treatment package tailored to their individual needs, in a relaxed and safe environment, resulting in the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

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