MediZen Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic is located in Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. We are the Midlands Premier Aesthetic clinic and have been helping our patients feel their most confident self for over 25 years.

Parking is available at the front of Astor House which is free for one hour. Alternatively you are entitled to three hours free parking in the Sainsburys car park behind the clinic.

Our retail shop which includes a consultation room is located on the ground floor and is fully accessible to all patients. Our treatment rooms are located in our first floor premise via stairs meaning unfortunately we do not have wheelchair access to the clinic. This is something we have raised with our landlords but unfortunately there is nothing they can do at the moment.

We have been treating patients for over 25 years. Dr Eccleston established MediZen in 1999 and over the years has assembled a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that we deliver the best treatments in a safe environment, where your privacy and needs are our utmost concern.

Anyone who performs injectable treatments at MediZen is a fully qualified doctor or nurse prescriber. Non-medics do not inject any patients at our clinic. Our practitioners are fully trained and qualified in the individual treatments they offer.

All of our staff are highly trained in the treatments they offer. Our medics have specialised in aesthetics for many years and are extremely experienced in the treatments they provide their patients. They attend regular industry training to ensure they offer the most up to date protocols and are aware of the latest science, technology and safety in aesthetics. All of our medics have been personally trained by Dr Eccleston so you can be assured that no matter who you see, you will receive the highest level of patient care. Our aestheticians have also been in medical aesthetics for many years now, they attend regular additional and advanced training to ensure their knowledge continues to be as up to date as possible.

We offer a wide range of treatments covering skin, injectables, body and wellness. Some of our most popular treatments include: Anti-wrinkle injections, AviClear, polynucleotides, dermal filler, Hydrafacial, Excel V+, Secret PRO, weight loss injections and bespoke HRT.

All of the skin care we offer is medical grade and therefore we require all patients to have a consultation with one of our practitioners before purchasing any products. Skin care can be purchased at the clinic during our opening hours. Once you have had a consultation, you will be able to purchase some of the skin care brands we stock through their online portals and have your products delivered to your home address.

Our treatments are all individually priced, you can find our full pricing list here. We offer a range of payment options to help you make a saving and spread the cost of treatment including packages, memberships and finance. Our monthly prices start from £30 per month.

Yes, we require all new patients to book a consultation for any treatment they are interested in. This allows our practitioners to discuss your concerns and goals, and recommend a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

We encourage all patients to have a consultation with us and then take some time to think over the information provided to ensure they are making a well informed decision that is right for them. Our practitioners will never push you to go ahead with treatment, and will never recommend treatment for the sake of it. Any treatment recommended is done so with your best interests in mind. If following a consultation you decide you would like to wait, or decide the treatment is not right for you, there is no obligation to book any treatment with us.

Yes, all of our laser treatments require a patch test. This includes Excel V+ and laser hair removal. We also require a patch test for our CO2 laser. Our reception team will ensure that if you require a patch test this will be booked with the correct amount of time prior to treatment.

You can book all appointments in person, over the phone or through our online booking system. If you are passing by, please feel free to pop in and speak to a member of our team to book your appointment. You can call our friendly team and they will be more than happy to assist you. Alternatively you can view all available dates and times and book your appointment through our online booking system here.

We treat a wide range of skin concerns including: acne, rosacea and pigmentation. We also have lots of anti-ageing and skin health treatment options.

This is perfectly okay! The aesthetics world can be daunting if you’re new here (or even if you’re not!), there is lots of industry jargon and treatments you may never have even heard of. This is where our expert team can help. We offer general skin consultations and injectable consultations allowing you to discuss your concerns and goals with a practitioner. They will then recommend the most suitable treatments and products for you alongside a bespoke treatment plan.

People should only ever really notice how great you look! Lots of our patients get compliments on how good their skin looks or how refreshed and youthful they look. Our doctors and nurses are passionate about enhancing what you have, rather than changing what you look like. They prefer to offer a more natural result for their patients, helping to improve confidence without drastic changes.

Most aesthetic treatments are safe and have a low risk of side effects or complications when performed by experienced and qualified practitioners. This is not to say that on rare occasions complications can’t happen, but the important thing to remember is that in a medically led clinic like MediZen, someone is always on hand to provide the correct aftercare and support if this should ever happen.

Once you have booked your first treatment appointment you will be sent our pre-care via email. This is treatment specific and will explain what you should and shouldn’t do prior to your treatment, alongside what to expect during your treatment.

Once your treatment is complete you will be sent all of our aftercare information via email. This will include details on what you should and shouldn’t do following your specific treatment. If you had treatment with one of our aestheticians they will contact you within a few days to ensure everything is okay. They will also provide their contact details if you’d like to contact them at any time with questions or concerns. If you had treatment with one of our doctors or nurses, our patient coordinator will be in touch shortly after your treatment to check everything is okay. Our reception team are available during our opening hours to assist you with anything you need post-treatment and we have an out of hours emergency telephone line should you require this.

Yes, for most of our treatments we offer reviews or follow up appointments to ensure you are happy with your result and for our practitioners to check everything went as expected with your treatment. This will be discussed as part of your treatment and should be booked in after your treatment for the required timeframe.

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