Aesthetic Concerns in Birmingham

Your trusted practitioners are dedicated to providing the highest quality treatments, using world leading products and state of the art machines. Our team is passionate about helping to address your concerns whilst enhancing natural beauty and helping you to feel your most confident self from the inside out.

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Injectables in Birmingham

There are many concerns that can be addressed with injectable treatments. As we age fine lines and wrinkles can appear, our skin loses its elastin and can start to sag and our overall confidence can start to decline. Many of our injectable treatments can also be used to help treat medical conditions such as migraines, sweating and teeth grinding. All of our team who perform injectable treatments have been personally trained by Dr. Eccleston so no matter who you see, you can be sure they have the skills required to give you effective, subtle and natural looking results. 


Skin in Birmingham

Whether your skin concerns are focused around a dull and tired looking complexion or you find yourself struggling with problems such as acne, rosacea or pigmentation, we have treatments available to help you. Our team of practitioners are highly experienced in all treatments they perform and are passionate about getting their patients the results they desire. We use world leading brands and state of the art machines to ensure our patients get the most effective treatments, in the safest possible environment. 


Body in Birmingham

If you have any body concerns including excess hair, unwanted fat or excessive sweating then we have effective treatments for you. Our practitioners have been carefully selected for their skills, knowledge and professionalism, to ensure they represent the very best in the industry. We are passionate about ensuring you achieve your desired results through our treatments. You can trust our team to be honest, supportive, professional and provide the safest, most effective treatments on the market today.


Health & Wellbeing in Birmingham

Here at MediZen we know that how we feel on the inside, impacts how we look and feel on the outside. We are passionate about helping our patients from the inside out.
Our health and wellbeing services include menopause support, weight management, wellperson checks, supplements and referral for GP services. Our team of medical professionals will provide you with support and guidance to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

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