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Deciding which treatment is right for you when searching for ways to address fine lines and wrinkles can be challenging. At MediZen, we have the experience and expertise to advise you on the best treatment for your specific concerns. We can then be confident that you will achieve the results you desire.

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Wrinkles and ageing skin are an inevitable part of getting older and for most people are something they’d rather not have. No matter our lifestyle, skincare routine or how we look after ourselves, at some point our skin will always start to age.

Fine lines form over the face and body because of a general loss of elasticity and skin volume, making us appear older and the skin appears less fresh and supple. Ageing skin is a physical concern but a lot of people find it can affect their confidence and the way they view themselves. When people feel this way they begin the search for treatments that can help make them feel more confident in their skin. We have a multitude of treatments that can combat ageing skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to reveal a younger-looking and rejuvenated you.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles


If you find yourself looking in the mirror and not loving the skin you see, we can help enhance your natural beauty and begin the journey to feeling your most confident self again. Here are our most recommended treatments.

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We’re here to help

You’ve found us! MediZen is the premier aesthetics clinic in the Midlands. A medically-led clinic located in Sutton Coldfield, we’re easily accessible to those based in Birmingham, the Midlands, and further afield.

There is no one size fits all with aesthetic treatments, everyone ages differently and has different concerns and goals. It all depends on what you want to achieve. Our practitioners bespoke treatment to each individual to ensure you get the best possible result. Our website gives you an idea of our range of treatments, but the best way to find the right treatment for you is to book a consultation with a practitioner. 

MediZen has some of the most experienced and highly trained practitioners in the industry. In skilled hands, amazing results can be achieved. Our team are always honest about the treatments you would benefit from, and will always explain the expected results prior to treatment. Whilst full removal of fine lines and wrinkles isn’t always possible, we will do our best to reduce the appearance as much as we can. 

Duration of results will depend on the treatment you choose, this will be discussed in a consultation with your practitioner.

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Why MediZen

MediZen Medics

As one of the UK’s leading medical aesthetic clinical trial and training centres, and one of only a handful of cosmetic clinics registered with the Government’s Care Quality Commission, you can be confident that our focus is your needs and that quality, training, safety and pain management are paramount in everything that we offer.

We have been using injectables here at MediZen for over 20 years. MediZen’s clinical director, Dr David Eccleston, was one of the first doctors in the UK to offer injectables and is therefore extremely experienced in the use of all injectable treatments, leading to him being named by Tatler as the ‘Man in the Midlands for Injectables’.

All of our injectors have been trained personally by Dr Eccleston, so no matter who you see, you can rest assured they have the skills and knowledge required to give you subtle, natural-looking results in the safest of environments.

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