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Finding a safe, and effective treatment for the removal of thread veins can be difficult. There are many clinics and devices offering removal of thread veins but here at MediZen we have a state of the art laser to treat veins, providing our patients with some of the most effective results possible. Our team of experienced experts are able to tailor treatment plans to you, ensuring you get your desired result.

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Thread veins (also known as spider veins) commonly appear on the face, nose and legs. This is due to the skin being thinner in these areas. These veins are prominent just under the surface of the skin and can lead to people feeling self conscious about their appearance. 

The cause of thread veins varies hugely from person to person. Spider veins appear due to a weakness in the vein, this can occur through injury, pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, hormonal changes, sun damage or for some people, they can have a genetic predisposition. Whilst thread veins rarely cause any symptoms, they can be unsightly and therefore are a common concern for many people.

Thread Veins


If you find yourself wishing those small veins would disappear, then we can certainly help and begin the journey to you feeling your most confident self again. Our recommended treatment for thread veins is the Excel V+. 

The most effective treatment

We have one of the best lasers in the industry for treating thread veins, many small veins can disappear immediately after just one treatment but a full course is always recommended for long-lasting results. 

If you are looking for a highly experienced medically led clinic, who prioritise patient safety by using expert practitioners, top quality machines and products and providing world-class service, then MediZen is the place for you.

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You’ve found us! MediZen is the premier aesthetics clinic in the Midlands. A medically-led clinic located in Sutton Coldfield, we’re easily accessible to those based in Birmingham, the Midlands, and further afield.

For many skin concerns, there are a range of treatment options available,  however for thread veins we know that the laser we have on offer is the best in the industry so we wouldn’t recommend anything else! Our Excel V+ laser will effectively treatment spider veins on any area of the body. We always recommend you book a consultation with a practitioner to discuss the treatment and to ensure any necessary patch tests are completed. 

Spider veins are most common on the face, nose and legs due to the skin being thinner but they can occur on any area of the body.

In most cases, no. The majority of people search for thread vein removal because they don’t like the appearance of them, rather than for any medical reason.

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Why MediZen

Founded in 1999 and based in Birmingham, we are the Midlands Premier Aesthetic Clinic. The team at MediZen has been carefully selected for their skills, knowledge, experience and professionalism, to ensure they represent the very best in the industry. Our practitioners have been intensively trained in all of the treatments and products we offer, as well as regularly attending updated training days, so you can be sure you are always receiving the most up to date advice and protocols. We pride ourselves on our service, ensuring you always receive a warm welcome, as well as the most effective, safe, and medically proven aesthetic treatments on the market today.

In your consultation, your practitioner will always thoroughly discuss your desired treatment, talk through what you would like to achieve and address any concerns. They will always recommend the treatments they feel are most suitable for you and will explain the entire process to you including what happens, what results to expect and how long they will last. They are always happy to answer as many questions as you have before commencing treatment and will follow up with you post treatment.

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