Dr Kam Lally graduated in Medicine from the University of Oxford in 2008 and went on to complete an academic post with an Honorary Lectureship at the University of Leicester. He currently practices as a GP in the Midlands.

He has been working as an Aesthetic Doctor in the Midlands and London for several years. He is skilled in advanced procedures using anti wrinkles injections and dermal fillers. He is also a trainer for the UK’s number one aesthetic training academy Derma Medical and is attaining his Level 7 Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (equivalent to a Masters degree).

In addition to this, Dr Lally arranges the educational schedule for GPs and trainees in Leicestershire and Rutland as the Royal College of General Practitioner’s (RCGP) Educational Lead for the region. He is also the RCGP National Aesthetic Medicine Lead.

Dr Lally trains industry colleagues all over the world and prides himself on his thorough approach focusing on attention to detail and clear communication. Each client gets a bespoke treatment package tailored to their needs in a relaxed environment resulting in high levels of client satisfaction.

For his sins, he is a life-long Arsenal fan.