As we reach the summer months when the weather gets warmer and holidays get booked, many of us experience the feeling of panic that comes with the idea of getting into swimwear. This often leads us to crash diet to try and get into shape, desperate to achieve our summer body goals in just a few weeks… but we all know this is not sustainable in the long run, and will only leave us feeling deflated when we don’t reach our goals. So we have collected some top tips and tricks to make this year different!

They say that preparation is the key to success and failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Could 2022 be your year for forward planning? If so, the preparation starts now! Laying the groundwork during the winter months means you’ll have plenty of time to meet your goals and create realistic plans.

Our top tips –

  • Your summer body journey begins with figuring out what your goals and aims are – losing weight, toning up or building muscle for example. Set your goals so you can track your progress and result.
  • Exercise exercise exercise! Exercise is hugely important for hitting those goals but make sure you keep your regime varied. Switch up your cardio for HIIT workouts or your runs for weight training, it stops you from getting bored and losing motivation but also helps to ensure your body stays engaged.
  • Clean eating is possibly the most important step. They say you can’t out-train a bad diet so making good food choices all year round means you’ve got less to try and undo as we reach those summer months. Try and pack your diet full of fruit and vegetables and if you start now you can easily transform your body without crash diets and restrictive plans.
  • Stay motivated. In the cold, dark Winter months these things can seem harder to do, motivation can dip but keep reminding yourself of your goals! The Summer you will thank the Winter you 😉

Here at MediZen however we have a few extra ways to help you reach those summer body goals this Winter…

Body Sculpting with our truSculpt iD  a revolutionary, non-invasive radiofrequency body sculpting treatment that can reduce fat by an average of 24%. This treatment can eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas such as your abdomen, flanks, thighs and arms. Treatment takes just 15 minutes and results are seen after 12 weeks. We recommend 2 treatments 12 weeks apart to see the best results.

Muscle Sculpting with our truSculpt Flex the best way to tone up, build strength and burn fat without stepping foot in a gym! This treatment adjusts to your fitness level and goals to strengthen, firm and tone your muscles. The unique technology replicates intense crunch, squat and twisting actions. It can replicate 54,000 crunches in just 15 minutes! Amazing results can be achieved in 4 treatments and final results are seen around 12 weeks after your last session.

Our truBody programme incorporates both of these treatments, helping you to reduce fat and tone your muscles simultaneously, maximising your results! Click HERE for more information.