The UK aesthetics industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, the increasing demand for non-surgical treatments have been the main driver of growth in the industry. Some estimates suggest the UK market is currently worth around £3.6 billion but it is projected that this figure will rise to £5.4 billion by 2026. With 7.7 million people in the UK having an aesthetic treatment in 2023 it’s safe to say the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Social media played a huge part in last year’s aesthetic trends but it’s important to remember that what you see on social media is not always accurate, truthful, safe or recommended by medical professionals. To help you make safe and informed decisions we’ve put together our top aesthetic trends to look out for this year…

Mindful aesthetics

You may have seen an increase over the past few months in phrases such as ‘less is more’, ‘clean girl aesthetic’ and ‘natural results’. In 2023 there were a number of high profile celebrities and influencers who publicly talked about their aesthetic treatment regrets and some even shared the process of dissolving filler as they strived for a more natural look. 

Although non-surgical treatments have become widely accepted and far less judged, many people now want subtle, natural results to help them feel like the best version of themselves, not someone entirely different. Don’t forget that treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can provide extremely natural, beautiful results when performed in safe, skilled and experienced hands. Always do your research and find a reputable clinic with a doctor or nurse.

Regenerative medicine

This is one of the newest, and hottest trends to hit the aesthetic industry. We expect it to become one of the most popular types of treatment over the next few years! Regenerative medicine works by harnessing the body’s natural healing processes which helps to provide patients with more natural and longer-lasting results. 

Polynucleotides are the treatment leading the way for regenerative medicine, they target restoration and regeneration of the skin from within by stimulating tissue and cell repair. The process encourages cells to be healthy and work the way they would have when you were younger. Polynucleotides are the ideal treatment for those patients looking for more natural treatments and results. 

Research also shows that patients whose cells are healthier and therefore act in the way youthful cells would, find that other non-surgical treatments provide significantly better results. This is also known as ‘skin priming’ – polynucleotides can prime your skin for all other aesthetic treatments. 


As the demographic of people considering or undergoing aesthetic treatments continues to get younger and younger, this trend has been gaining lots of traction. Prejuvenation focuses on prevention rather than correction. Some of our favourite prejuvenation treatments are chemical peels, laser genesis, polynucleotides and medical grade skincare.

For a long time, people would want anti-ageing aesthetic treatments when they noticed concerns such as wrinkles, loss of volume, crepey skin and poor skin texture. Although some of these concerns can be addressed, and improved, it can be difficult for many patients to correct these concerns in the way that they desire without surgical treatments. 

This younger demographic is now focusing on ways to continue looking youthful for as long as possible, rather than correcting the concern when it appears. Knowledge around skincare and how to take care of your skin has increased dramatically due to social media. The industry has seen a growing interest in prejuvenation through at-home skincare, small ‘tweakments’, lasers over injectables and demand for collagen boosting treatments and products.

Needle-free treatments

We expect there to be a rise in patients looking more towards needle-free treatments this year. As the aesthetic industry has grown, technology has dramatically advanced and there is now a huge range of device-based treatments available for patients. Although there will always be a place for injectable treatments within aesthetics, this switch is likely to become more evident in 2024. 

Needle-free treatments focus on delivering excellent patient results without the need for injections. These types of treatments can be tailored and personalised to every individual patient depending on their skin type, skin concern, budget, desired downtime, expected results as well as the level of comfort they prefer. Patients are searching more and more for treatments (and practitioners) who can provide bespoke treatment plans instead of a one size fits all approach.

Laser treatments are likely to be the main area of focus throughout 2024. Advanced lasers can help treat concerns such as pigmentation, acne, rosacea, texture, pores and fine lines & wrinkles. Lasers can also assist with skin tightening, collagen production and are especially effective in improving and maintaining overall skin health. Other needle-free treatments to keep an eye out for are chemical peels, radiofrequency, muscle stimulation and AviClear, a revolutionary acne laser.  

What is Driving the Demand for Non-Surgical Treatments?

Non-surgical procedures increased by 57.8% globally between 2018 and 2022 but what is really driving this demand? 

  • With almost 1000 aesthetic clinics across the UK, accessibility has played a significant role in this rise. Patients no longer need to travel to London or other major cities to access non-surgical treatments.
  • With increased accessibility comes a wide range of price points. Some clinics will choose to offer lower pricing to compete with the growing number of competitors, others will be finding ways to offer a range of payment options to make treatments more affordable.
  • Social media and celebrity/influencer culture have made aesthetic treatments more socially acceptable for all ages and opened up the industry to a much younger demographic.
  • Technology within the industry has advanced and has therefore increased treatment options, availability and results as well as improvement in patient safety.
  • The desire for minimally invasive treatments which provide reduced recovery times and more natural results has changed the aesthetic industry landscape in recent years.

Make decisions based on your own aesthetic goals…

It’s safe to say that the aesthetics industry will continue to grow throughout 2024 and beyond, treatment offerings will increase year after year, technology will further advance and social media will play a dramatic role in the future of aesthetics. 

Our key message for anyone on their aesthetics journey, or considering starting, is to focus on yourself; your concerns, your goals and how you feel in your own skin. As difficult as it can be, try not to follow specific treatment or social media trends if they don’t match up with your personal morals or desired look. 

Although ‘natural’ is in, it doesn’t necessarily always equal ‘safer’. There are risks with most non-surgical treatments including lasers, peels and medical skincare. It is vital you do your research, we urge you to find a reputable medically led clinic which showcases real results and provides treatments based on scientific and clinical evidence. If you’re not sure where to start you can try searching on Save Face, Consulting Room or the Tweakments Guide