You still need your SPF!
Don’t put your SPF away just because the sunny days have disappeared. UV rays are present all day, everyday throughout the year, no matter the time of day, weather, or season. Up to 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate through clouds. UV rays can lead to your skin ageing much quicker than it naturally would, daily use of SPF can actually slow the ageing process by 24%!

Keep your skin hydrated
Your skin can become dehydrated and dry due to the cold weather and central heating at this time of year. Gentle cleansing is a must as you need the skin barrier to be as healthy as possible to retain moisture during the winter months. Find a moisturiser suitable for your skin type and ensure you apply everyday after cleansing.

Too much change isn’t always good…
As we come into winter it’s important to not overload your skin with new products, and we’d always recommend not to completely overhaul your routine. Stick to a few high quality products you know work for your skin and only make small changes, such as transitioning to a richer moisturiser to help your skin adapt to the change in temperature.

Consider having skin treatments
Winter is a great time of year to have skin treatments, sun exposure before or after having treatments such as peels and lasers can cause damage, such as hyperpigmentation, to the skin. So by having these treatments in the winter months, you dramatically reduce this risk. Laser hair removal is the perfect treatment for this time of year as your sun exposure is at a minimum and you’ll be summer ready just at the right time!

Keep an eye on your lifestyle
Our lifestyle habits can have a huge effect on our skin and we often find that our lifestyle changes as we indulge more over the festive period. It’s important to stay hydrated all day by drinking lots of water. As we spend less time outdoors, change the kind of foods we eat and become less conscious about how we look, it’s important to ensure we maintain as many of our healthy habits as possible, to keep our skin as healthy as we can.

Book yourself a HydraFacial!
Winter skin can be dull and at this time of year especially, we all want to be glowing. Our HydraFacial is the perfect winter treatment to refresh and hydrate your skin ready for the party season. Or if you’re feeling indulgent, our HydraGenesis is the perfect facial to give you that red carpet glow. Read more about Hollywood’s favourite facial here. We recommend regular HydraFacials, 4 weeks apart to maintain healthy skin and maximise the results of your daily skincare routine. Glowing skin is always in! Click here to book your HydraFacial with one of our highly experienced practitioners.

If you’d like some specific skincare advice please get in touch with us to book a skin consultation with one of our aestheticians who will be able to discuss your concerns with you.